Political Leave Sample Clauses

Political Leave. Any employee who is a declared candidate for public office shall have the right to a leave of absence without pay for a reasonable period to campaign for the election. Such leave is subject to the conditions governing special leaves of absence without pay contained herein.
Political Leave a. Leave of absence without pay for up to twelve (12) weeks shall be granted to an employee for the purpose of campaigning for a public office for which s/he has officially qualified.
Political Leave. Subject to the conclusion of mutually satisfactory arrangements between the 38 District and employee, the District shall grant an unpaid leave of absence to such an employee 39 for the purpose of serving in an elective or appointive public office or of campaigning for such 40 an office. Upon conclusion of such public service leave, the employee shall be restored to 41 his/her former position, or if this position is not available, to a substantially equivalent position. 42
Political Leave. 1. Where time spent in a campaign for the purpose of securing a political office will interfere with the duties of a teacher, a leave of absence should be requested in writing by the teacher/candidate. Such leave shall be leave without pay. The District shall give written answer to such request for political leave. This leave of absence shall be arranged for a definite period of campaigning. At the conclusion of the leave, the teacher shall be returned to the former position held immediately prior to the granting of the leave and shall have all benefits accrued as if actively employed.
Political Leave. Employees running for election shall be entitled to a leave of absence without pay on the following basis:
Political Leave. (1) A Member planning to allow his/her name to stand either before a party convention or for actual nomination for an election to a federal, provincial or municipal office shall notify the Xxxx/Administrator within a reasonable time so that he/she may make arrangements deemed necessary in order to ensure that the Member's responsibilities can be carried out during the nomination and election campaigns.
Political Leave. Upon submission of the appropriate application, a unit member will be granted a leave of absence without pay in order to run for, or serve in, public or political office. Such leave shall be for a period not to exceed one (1) year or the length of the elected office. The unit member on leave will be offered the first available position for which he/she qualifies during a period not to exceed two years from the end of the leave upon written notice by June 1 or 30 days prior to the time of return.
Political Leave. Upon written request, the Employer shall grant leave of absence without seniority, pay or benefits so that employees where eligible may be candidates in a federal, provincial or municipal election. Employees who are elected to public office shall be granted by the Employer leave of absence for the term of their office. Such leave shall not exceed one (1) term of office.
Political Leave. 1. The Board may grant a leave of absence without pay to tenured or non-probationary employees who wish to campaign for public office and will grant such leave to the employee if elected to serve in said office. An employee on such leave cannot be assured of reassignment to the same site as previously assigned, but the Board obligates itself to offer the employee, on the expiration of the leave, employment for which the employee is properly qualified, if a vacancy exists, without creating a new position or transferring an existing employee.
Political Leave. The Employer recognizes the right of a nurse to participate in public affairs. Any nurse wishing to campaign for public office, upon written request to the appropriate Public Health Director/delegate, shall be granted leave of absence without pay and without loss of seniority for a maximum of three (3) months.