Standing Committee definition

Standing Committee means a permanent committee with a regular meeting schedule and designated subject matter jurisdiction that is authorized by the Rules of the Senate or the Rules of the House of Representatives.
Standing Committee means a permanent body established by the legislative body of a local unit under section 14 to conduct the activities of a historic district study committee on a continuing basis.
Standing Committee means a committee of VSI listed in Sections 607.1, 607.2, or 607.3.

Examples of Standing Committee in a sentence

  • The Chief Executive Officer shall report outcomes of his actions to the Water and Waste Standing Committee on a monthly basis.Resolution No.: W&W0282 Moved: Cr Austen Seconded: Cr Jones That the Committee recommends to Council to:1.

  • NPCSC Interpretations and the interface between two systems Then, there is the power on the part of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to interpret the Basic Law.

  • Should the Chief Executive Officer consider that the tender evaluation gives rise to extraordinary or potentially contentious issues, the Chief Executive Officer shall not exercise his delegated authority to determine the tender and shall instead arrange for the matter to be included in the agenda for the next available Water and Waste Standing Committee Meeting or Council Meeting,d.

  • Members of the Board of Directors of the CRE PTSA shall consist of the Executive Committee, Directors, plus all appointed Standing Committee Chairpersons.

  • Confirmation of minutes from Water and Waste Standing Committee Meeting of Isaac Regional Council held at Council Chambers, Moranbah on Wednesday 4 November 2020.

More Definitions of Standing Committee

Standing Committee means a Committee established by Council, comprised entirely of Members of Council, to carry out duties on an ongoing basis, as specified by Council, and that reports directly to Council.
Standing Committee means a Committee referred to in Standing Order No 31 or any other Committee which may be so designated by the Council at any time
Standing Committee means a political action committee or
Standing Committee means the Standing Committee of Officials of Consumer Affairs;
Standing Committee means a Standing Committee constituted by a Zila Parishad or a Panchayat Samiti or a Gram Panchayat under this Act;
Standing Committee means a Committee (whether required by statute or otherwise) which has been established by the full Council on a permanent basis to do its assigned work on an ongoing basis. The Standing Committees established by the full Council are detailed in Part 3 of Section D of the Constitution (Delegations to Committees) and exclude full Council, Cabinet and any Committees of the Cabinet (there are presently no Committees of the Cabinet)
Standing Committee means the body established by a Resolution of the 3rd Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties;