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Environment Requirements. For the avoidance of doubt, the Customer is responsible at all times for (i) Accepting, deploying and integrating the Monkey Software into its computer systems, and (ii) maintaining and administering the appropriate operating environment to operate the Monkey Software.
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Environment Requirements. At its own cost and expense, Contractor agrees that it shall adhere to the following requirements and obligations:
Environment Requirements. Except for Hazardous Material contained in products used by Tenant in de minimis quantities for ordinary cleaning and office purposes, Tenant shall not permit or cause any party to bring any Hazardous Material upon the Premises or store or use any Hazardous Material in or about the Premises without Landlord's prior written consent. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord hereby acknowledges that Tenant intends to apply to the City of Fremont for a Class H-6 Hazardous Materials permit to utilize certain chemicals in its business operations, and Landlord agrees that Tenant's use of the Hazardous Materials set forth in Exhibit C attached hereto shall be permitted by Landlord, subject to Tenant's full compliance with all requirements of this Paragraph 30. Landlord hereby agrees to permit such use subject to Tenant's following good engineering practice, subject to Tenant's full compliance with all Environment Laws and all storage, handling and other requirements of the City of Fremont under said Class H-6 Hazardous Materials permit, subject to the use restrictions set forth in Paragraph 3 hereof, and subject to the requirement that Landlord's approval shall be obtained by Tenant for Tenant's use of any Hazardous Materials not previously specifically approved by Landlord (which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld). If Landlord does not provide a response within 5 days of Tenant's written request for approval of any additional Hazardous Materials as set forth in the last clause of the immediately preceding sentence, then Landlord shall be deemed to have approved the use of such Hazardous Materials, subject to Tenant's compliance with the remaining provisions of the immediately preceding sentence. Tenant, at its sole cost and expense, shall operate its business in the Premises in compliance with all Environmental Requirements and shall immediately remediate any Hazardous Materials released on or from the project by Tenant, its agents, employees, contractors, subtenants or invitees. The term "Environmental Requirements" means all applicable present and future statutes, regulations, ordinances, rules, codes, judgments, orders or other similar enactments of any governmental authority or agency regulating or relating to health, safety, or environmental conditions on, under, or about the Premises or the environment, including without limitation, the following: the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act ("CERCLA"); the Resource Cons...
Environment Requirements. The body shop (“Dealership”) agrees to provide a legal, safe and efficient working environment for AutoHail’s personnel and subcontractors at all times during working times. Payment Agreements Should the body shop wish to perform a Remove and Install (“R&I”) service on a vehicle, they are required to take note of that service and it is strictly prohibited to keep all proceeds from that specific service. All services performed on all vehicles under partnership of AutoHail must be reported to AutoHail. Failure to report all services may result in discontinuation of partnership and is punishable to the fullest extent as permissible by law. Invoices All invoices are turned in by AutoHail for the week on Friday and AutoHail expects all invoices to be paid for within seven (7) calendar days (the following Friday). Any invoices failed to be paid by the given date may incur late fees which will be assessed by AutoHail and AutoHail’s discretion. Failure to pay any invoices within thirty (30) days will then be considered delinquent. Once an invoice reaches a delinquent status, AutoHail has the right to report the amount due to a credit agency for collection and also has the right to report the delinquent amount to a small claims court for legal collection. From there, mediation will be requested prior to arbitration. If then the invoice(s) are left unpaid, AutoHail has the right to proceed with arbitration against the responsible body shop. Outsourcing and Termination Once this contract is signed, the body shop and it’s signee are legally binded to this contract and is strictly prohibited from hiring additional workers to complete the work for cheaper. This is considered outsourcing and any work being performed in any illegal way, whether it is considered illegal to this Contract or to the law, will be reported to the authorities and will be punishable to the fullest extent as permissible by law. Once a body shop is under contract, they are not able to terminate or discontinue this Contract without the signed, written consent of AutoHail. AutoHail has the right to charge fees for terminating a Contract and the body shop is responsible for paying these fees prior to the Contract being discontinued. AutoHail has the right to refuse to terminate the Contract should they wish not to, even if the body shop offers to pay the termination fees. It is at the sole discretion of AutoHail. Allocation & Distribution of Profits AutoHail and the body shop work under contract which...

Related to Environment Requirements

  • Compliance with Environmental Requirements; No Hazardous Materials Except in each case as set forth on Schedule 3.18:

  • Environmental and Safety Matters Except as disclosed in Schedule 4.13:

  • Environmental Conditions A Phase I environmental site assessment (or update of a previous Phase I and or Phase II environmental site assessment) and, with respect to certain Mortgage Loans, a Phase II environmental site assessment (collectively, an “ESA”) meeting ASTM requirements conducted by a reputable environmental consultant in connection with such Mortgage Loan within 12 months prior to its origination date (or an update of a previous ESA was prepared), and such ESA (i) did not identify the existence of Recognized Environmental Conditions (as such term is defined in ASTM E1527-05 or its successor, hereinafter “Environmental Condition”) at the related Mortgaged Property or the need for further investigation, or (ii) if the existence of an Environmental Condition or need for further investigation was indicated in any such ESA, then at least one of the following statements is true: (A) an amount reasonably estimated by a reputable environmental consultant to be sufficient to cover the estimated cost to cure any material noncompliance with applicable Environmental Laws or the Environmental Condition has been escrowed by the related Mortgagor and is held or controlled by the related lender; (B) if the only Environmental Condition relates to the presence of asbestos-containing materials, radon in indoor air, lead based paint or lead in drinking water, the only recommended action in the ESA is the institution of such a plan, an operations or maintenance plan has been required to be instituted by the related Mortgagor that can reasonably be expected to mitigate the identified risk; (C) the Environmental Condition identified in the related environmental report was remediated, abated or contained in all material respects prior to the date hereof, and, if and as appropriate, a no further action, completion or closure letter or its equivalent, was obtained from the applicable governmental regulatory authority (or the Environmental Condition affecting the related Mortgaged Property was otherwise listed by such governmental authority as “closed” or a reputable environmental consultant has concluded that no further action or investigation is required); (D) an environmental policy or a lender’s pollution legal liability insurance policy that covers liability for the Environmental Condition was obtained from an insurer rated no less than “A-” (or the equivalent) by Xxxxx’x, S&P and/or Fitch; (E) a party not related to the Mortgagor was identified as the responsible party for the Environmental Condition and such responsible party has financial resources reasonably estimated to be adequate to address the situation; or (F) a party related to the Mortgagor having financial resources reasonably estimated to be adequate to address the situation is required to take action. To Seller’s knowledge, except as set forth in the ESA, there is no Environmental Condition at the related Mortgaged Property.

  • Compliance with Environmental Requirements 50.1 The Contractor shall provide the goods and/or Services required under the Contract in accordance with applicable laws and the Authority’s environmental policy, which is to conserve energy, water and other resources, reduce waste and phase out the use of ozone depleting substances and minimise the release of greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds and other substances damaging to health and the environment.

  • Environmental Compliance and Conditions Except as set forth on Schedule 3.16:

  • Environmental Requirements C7.1 The Contractor shall, when working on the Premises, perform its obligations under the Contract in accordance with the Authority’s environmental policy, which is to conserve energy, water, wood, paper and other resources, reduce waste and phase out the use of ozone depleting substances and minimise the release of greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds and other substances damaging to health and the environment.

  • Environmental Compliance The Borrower and its Subsidiaries conduct in the ordinary course of business a review of the effect of existing Environmental Laws and claims alleging potential liability or responsibility for violation of any Environmental Law on their respective businesses, operations and properties, and as a result thereof the Borrower has reasonably concluded that such Environmental Laws and claims could not, individually or in the aggregate, reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Environmental Provisions (a) For the purposes of this Section 5.7 the following terms shall have the following meanings: (i) the term "

  • Environmental Law Compliance The use which the Borrower or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries intends to make of any real Property owned by it will not result in the disposal or other release of any Hazardous Substance or solid waste on or to such real Property in violation of any Environmental Law, except any such violation which is not, and would not reasonably be expected to cause, a Material Adverse Change. As used herein, the term "release" as used in this Section shall have the meanings specified in CERCLA (as defined in the definition of applicable Environmental Laws), and the terms "solid waste" and "disposal" shall have the meaning specified in RCRA (as defined in the definition of applicable Environmental Laws); provided, however, that if CERCLA or RCRA is amended so as to broaden or narrow the meaning of any term defined thereby, such broader or narrower meaning shall apply subsequent to the effective date of such amendment; and provided further, to the extent that any other law applicable to the Borrower, any of its Restricted Subsidiaries or any of their properties and assets establishes a meaning for "hazardous substance," "release," "solid waste," or "disposal" which is broader than that specified in either CERCLA or RCRA, such broader meaning shall apply. The Borrower and each Restricted Subsidiary agrees to indemnify and hold the Administrative Agent and each Lender harmless from and against, and to reimburse them with respect to, any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and courts costs) asserted or awarded against or incurred by any of them by reason of or arising out of transactions contemplated by this Agreement and (a) the failure of the Borrower or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries to perform any obligation hereunder regarding asbestos or applicable Environmental Laws, (b) any violation by the Borrower or Restricted Subsidiary on or before the Release Date of any applicable Environmental Law in effect on or before the Release Date, and (c) any act, omission, event or circumstance existing or occurring on or prior to the Release Date, involving the presence on such real Property or release from such real Property of Hazardous Substances or solid wastes disposed of or otherwise released on or prior to the Release Date, resulting from or in connection with the ownership by the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary of the real Property, regardless of whether the act, omission, event or circumstance constituted a violation of any applicable Environmental Law at the time of its existence or occurrence, or whether the act, omission, event or circumstance is caused by or relates to the negligence of any indemnified Person; provided, that the Borrower shall not be under any obligation to indemnify the Administrative Agent or any Lender to the extent that any such liability arises as the result of the gross negligence or willful misconduct of such Person, as finally judicially determined by a court of competent jurisdiction. The provisions of this Section shall survive the Release Date and shall continue thereafter in full force and effect.

  • Environmental Compliance and Reports Borrower shall comply in all respects with any and all Environmental Laws; not cause or permit to exist, as a result of an intentional or unintentional action or omission on Borrower's part or on the part of any third party, on property owned and/or occupied by Borrower, any environmental activity where damage may result to the environment, unless such environmental activity is pursuant to and in compliance with the conditions of a permit issued by the appropriate federal, state or local governmental authorities; shall furnish to Lender promptly and in any event within thirty (30) days after receipt thereof a copy of any notice, summons, lien, citation, directive, letter or other communication from any governmental agency or instrumentality concerning any intentional or unintentional action or omission on Borrower's part in connection with any environmental activity whether or not there is damage to the environment and/or other natural resources. Additional Assurances. Make, execute and deliver to Lender such promissory notes, mortgages, deeds of trust, security agreements, assignments, financing statements, instruments, documents and other agreements as Lender or its attorneys may reasonably request to evidence and secure the Loans and to perfect all Security Interests.

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