Regulatory investigation definition

Regulatory investigation meansa formal hearing, official investigation, examination, inquiry, legal action or any other similar proceeding initiated by a governmental, regulatory, law enforcement, professional or statutory body against you.
Regulatory investigation. Means any formal or official action, Investigation, inquiry or audit by a Regulator against an Insured arising out of the use or alleged misuse of Personal Information or any aspects of the control or processing of Personal Information or delegation of data processing to an Outsourcer which is regulated by Data Protection Legislation, but shall not include any industry-wide, non-firm specific, inquiry or action.
Regulatory investigation means the activities of the Department or delegate agency to determine compliance with the Act and this Part, including, but not limited to, records review of licensed lead risk assessor or lead inspector reports, visual inspection and records review of a lead abatement contractor's work practices at a lead abatement or lead mitigation project, and assessment of penalties for non-compliance when warranted.

Examples of Regulatory investigation in a sentence

  • Professional Discipline includes a censure, injunction, undertaking, order to cease and desist, fine, suspension, bar, or revocation, the surrender of a professional license or certification in response to a Regulatory action or Regulatory investigation, and statutory disqualification.

  • Professional Discipline includes a censure, a Finding (as defined in the Code and Standards), injunction, undertaking, order to cease and desist, disgorgement, restitution, fine, suspension, bar, or revocation, the temporary or permanent surrender of a professional license or certification in response to a Regulatory action or Regulatory investigation, and statutory disqualification.

More Definitions of Regulatory investigation

Regulatory investigation means an actual or threatened investigation in writing by a regulator or governmental authority into an actual or alleged Privacy and Security Breach Wrongful Act caused by You or Your Sub-Contractor that may result in the imposition of a Regulatory Fine on You.
Regulatory investigation means a formal request for information, civil investigative demand or civil proceeding, including requests for information related thereto, brought by or on behalf of a state Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission or any other federal, state, local or foreign governmental agency.
Regulatory investigation. ’ means any investigation relating to the Group carried out by
Regulatory investigation. If MSH or VENDOR is subject to an investigation, audit, inquiry or request for information pursuant to applicable law that relates to the Project or the use of the Technology in connection with the Project (a “Regulatory Investigation”), then MSH or VENDOR will provide documents, information and other assistance reasonably requested by MSH or VENDOR in connection with the Regulatory Investigation. Representations/Warranties by VENDOR: VENDOR represents and warrants as follows: Rights/Capacity: VENDOR has, and will have at all material times, all requisite corporate power, capacity, authority and approvals to enter into, execute and deliver this Agreement and perform fully VENDOR’s obligations under this Agreement, and all rights and licenses regarding the Technology and Documentation necessary for VENDOR to grant to MSH the rights and licenses set out in this Agreement. No Conflict: XXXXXX’s execution and performance of this Agreement will not conflict with, or result in the breach of, any express or implied obligation or duty (contractual or otherwise) that VENDOR now or in the future owes to any other person.
Regulatory investigation means any investigation or review of any Pre-Completion Transaction entered into by the Company that the Company (or any third party appointed by it) is required to carry out by applicable law or regulation or by any governmental or regulatory body (including the FSA) or ombudsman or that is carried out by any governmental or regulatory body (including the FSA) or ombudsman;
Regulatory investigation means any official investigation by a regulator arising directly and solely from a data breach covered under this Policy. Regulatory investigation does not include reviews under S166 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Related to Regulatory investigation

  • Complaint Investigation means an investigation of any complaint that has been made to a proper authority that is not covered by an abuse investigation.

  • investigating authority means: (a) for Korea, the Korea Trade Commission, or its successor; and (b) for Peru, the Vice Ministry of Foreign Trade, or its successor; domestic industry means, with respect to an imported good, the producers as a whole of the like or directly competitive good operating within the territory of a Party or those producers whose collective production of the like or directly competitive good constitutes a major proportion of the total domestic production of such good; serious injury means a significant overall impairment in the position of a domestic industry; substantial cause means a cause which is important and not less than any other cause; threat of serious injury means serious injury that, on the basis of facts and not merely on allegation, conjecture, or remote possibility, is clearly imminent; and transition period means the 10-year period following the date of entry into force of this Agreement, except that for any good for which the Schedule set out in Annex 2B (Elimination of Customs Duties) of the Party applying the bilateral safeguard measure provides for the Party to eliminate its customs duties on the good over a period of 10 years or more, transition period means the customs duty elimination period for the good set out in that Schedule plus five years.

  • Regulatory Body means those government departments and regulatory, statutory and other entities, committees, ombudsmen and bodies which, whether under statute, rules, regulations, codes of practice or otherwise, are entitled to regulate or investigate the matters dealt with in this Agreement or any other affairs of the Provider or the Department, including, without limitation Ofsted, the European Commission and the European Court of Auditors;

  • Investigational Product means the Study Drug identified above and the control material, as further detailed in the Protocol;

  • Regulatory Approval Application means any application submitted to an appropriate Regulatory Authority seeking any Regulatory Approval.

  • Regulatory Filing means any documentation comprising or relating to or supporting any filing or application with any Regulatory Authority with respect to any compound or product (including any Licensed Compound or Licensed Product), or its use or potential use in humans, including any documents submitted to any Regulatory Authority and all supporting data, including INDs and NDAs, and all correspondence with any Regulatory Authority with respect to such compound or product (including minutes of any meetings, telephone conferences or discussions with any Regulatory Authority).

  • Regulatory Authorities means the Commissions and the Exchange;

  • Regulatory Proceeding means a request for information, civil investigative demand, or civil proceeding commenced by service of a complaint or similar proceeding brought by or on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission, or any federal, state, local or foreign governmental entity in such entity’s regulatory or official capacity in connection with such proceeding.

  • Regulatory Materials means regulatory applications, submissions, notifications, communications, correspondence, registrations, Regulatory Approvals or other filings made to, received from or otherwise conducted with a Regulatory Authority in order to Develop, Manufacture, or Commercialize a Licensed Product in a particular country or jurisdiction.

  • Investigational Medicinal Product means the study drug or control material as defined in the Protocol.

  • Product Complaint means any written, verbal or electronic expression of dissatisfaction regarding the Product, including without limitation reports of actual or suspected product tampering, contamination, mislabeling or inclusion of improper ingredients.

  • Regulatory Authority means any applicable supra-national, federal, national, regional, state, provincial or local regulatory agencies, departments, bureaus, commissions, councils or other government entities regulating or otherwise exercising authority with respect to the Licensed Technology or the Licensed Product in the Territory.

  • Regulatory Submissions means any filing, application or submission with any Regulatory Authority, including authorizations, approvals or clearances arising from the foregoing, including Regulatory Approvals and any pricing or reimbursement approvals, as applicable, and all correspondence or communication with or from the relevant Regulatory Authority, as well as minutes of any material meetings, telephone conferences or discussions with the relevant Regulatory Authority, in each case, with respect to a Licensed Product.

  • Regulatory Data means any and all research data, pharmacology data, chemistry, manufacturing and control data, preclinical data, clinical data and all other documentation submitted, or required to be submitted, to Regulatory Authorities in association with regulatory filings for the Product (including any applicable Drug Master Files (“DMFs”), Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (“CMC”) data, or similar documentation).

  • Regulatory Information Service means any information service authorised from time to time by the Financial Conduct Authority for the purpose of disseminating regulatory announcements;

  • Regulatory Action means an administrative, regulatory, or judicial enforcement action, proceeding, investigation or inspection, FDA Form 483 notice of inspectional observation, warning letter, untitled letter, other notice of violation letter, recall, seizure, Section 305 notice or other similar written communication, injunction or consent decree, issued by the FDA or a federal or state court.

  • Adverse Event means any untoward medical occurrence, unintended disease or injury or any untoward clinical signs, including an abnormal laboratory finding, in subjects, users or other persons, in the context of a clinical investigation, whether or not related to the investigational device;

  • Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) means the Government Agency responsible for oversight of public procurement.

  • clinical investigation means any systematic investigation involving one or more human subjects, undertaken to assess the safety or performance of a device;

  • Study means the investigation to be conducted in accordance with the Protocol.

  • Clinical Studies means Phase 0, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and such other tests and studies in human subjects that are required by Applicable Law, or otherwise recommended by the Regulatory Authorities, to obtain or maintain Regulatory Approvals for a Licensed Product for one (1) or more Indications, including tests or studies that are intended to expand the Product Labeling for such Licensed Product with respect to such Indication.

  • Regulatory Filings means, collectively: (a) all INDs, NDAs, establishment license applications, drug master files, applications for designation of a Product as an “Orphan Product(s)” under the Orphan Drug Act, for “Fast Track” status under Section 506 of the FDCA (21 U.S.C. § 356) or for a Special Protocol Assessment under Section 505(b)(4)(B) and (C) of the FDCA (21 U.S.C. § 355(b)(4)(B)) or all other similar filings (including, without limitation, any counterparts of any of the foregoing in any country region in the Territory) as may be required by any Regulatory Authority for the Development of a Candidate or Commercialization of a Product; (b) all supplements and amendments to any of the foregoing; and (c) all data contained in, and correspondence relating to, any of the foregoing.

  • Background investigation means the investigation conducted by a licensee or applicant to support the determination of trustworthiness and reliability.

  • Regulatory Bodies means those government departments and regulatory, statutory and other entities, committees, ombudsmen and bodies which, whether under statute, rules, regulations, codes of practice or otherwise, are entitled to regulate, investigate, or influence the matters dealt with in the Contract or any other affairs of the Authority and “Regulatory Body” shall be construed accordingly.

  • Clinical means having a significant relationship, whether real or potential, direct or indirect, to the actual rendering or outcome of dental care, the practice of dentistry, or the quality of dental care being rendered to a patient;

  • Regulatory entity means any board, commission, agency,