Regulatory investigation definition

Regulatory investigation meansa formal hearing, official investigation, examination, inquiry, legal action or any other similar proceeding initiated by a governmental, regulatory, law enforcement, professional or statutory body against you.
Regulatory investigation means a formal request for information, civil investigative demand or civil proceeding, including requests for information related thereto, brought by or on behalf of a state Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission or any other federal, state, local or foreign governmental agency.
Regulatory investigation means the activities of the Department or delegate agency to determine compliance with the Act and this Part, including, but not limited to, records review of licensed lead risk assessor or lead inspector reports, visual inspection and records review of a lead abatement contractor's work practices at a lead abatement or lead mitigation project, and assessment of penalties for non-compliance when warranted.

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Discovery of Regulatory Investigation that Could be Used to Harm Someone’s Reputation We address the scenarios below and describe our estimation of the ease of implementation, frequency and severity risk of each.

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Regulatory investigation. Means any formal or official action, Investigation, inquiry or audit by a Regulator against an Insured arising out of the use or alleged misuse of Personal Information or any aspects of the control or processing of Personal Information or delegation of data processing to an Outsourcer which is regulated by Data Protection Legislation, but shall not include any industry-wide, non-firm specific, inquiry or action.
Regulatory investigation means an actual or threatened investigation in writing by a regulator or governmental authority into an actual or alleged Privacy and Security Breach Wrongful Act caused by You or Your Sub-Contractor that may result in the imposition of a Regulatory Fine on You.
Regulatory investigation means any investigation or review of any Pre-Completion Transaction entered into by the Company that the Company (or any third party appointed by it) is required to carry out by applicable law or regulation or by any governmental or regulatory body (including the FSA) or ombudsman or that is carried out by any governmental or regulatory body (including the FSA) or ombudsman;
Regulatory investigation means any official investigation by a regulator arising directly and solely from a data breach covered under this Policy. Regulatory investigation does not include reviews under S166 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.