Environment Protection Sample Clauses

Environment Protection. 26.1 The Contractor shall in providing the Service observe good environmental practice and shall comply with any relevant statutes, codes of practice, industry guidance, UK Sport‟s Environmental Policy and any amendments or modifications thereof.
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Environment Protection. Party B shall conduct the construction project under this Agreement in compliance with the national standards concerning waste water, exhaust gas, noise, and solid waste emissions for corresponding functional zones. Party B or Party B's Designated Party shall solely be responsible for waste disposal and ensure that the "Three Wastes" emission shall be compliant and carry out the prevention and control of water loss and soil erosion. Party A shall assist this procedure.
Environment Protection. Except as disclosed on Schedule 3.29:
Environment Protection. 1. In the carrying out of the Project, the Project Implementing Entity shall:
Environment Protection. 9.1 Manufacturing processes, parts and the used raw material have to comply with legal requirements and safety-related requirements for restricted, toxic and dangerous materials as well as with environmental regulations both of the producer’s and customer’s country (see VDA list of notifiable substances). The supplier is expected to implement an environmental management system according to ISO 14001.
Environment Protection. THE CONCESSIONAIRE” shall comply with legal and administrative provisions, as well as with applicable International Treaties on ecological balance and environment protection matters. The “CONCESSIONAIRE” shall be responsible for damages on ecological and environment protection matters, caused from the beginning of operations by the “CONCESSIONAIRE”, and which result in acts or omissions thereby, as provided in applicable laws and provisions on the matter. The “CONCESSIONAIRE” shall comply, within the terms stated in Annex 5 hereof, with the Mexican official standard that establishes within the Mexican Republic the requirements for complying with the maximum allowed limits for noise emission caused by reaction subsonic, helix powered, supersonic aircraft, helicopters, auxiliary power units (APU), and systems related to the aircraft during ground operations.
Environment Protection. The Company and Union agree that it is the responsibility of both parties to notify the appropriate authorities if there is a release of a hazardous substance to the air, land or water systems. No employee shall be disciplined for performing his duty. Employees shall have the right to refuse a job or follow an order when the result may be harmful to himself, a co-worker, the general public, or the environment, or where it would be contrary to applicable federal, provincial, or municipal health and safety, or environmental laws, regulations or codes of practice. No employee shall be disciplined for exercising that right and no other employee shall be given the same order until there is a joint Union-Company investigation which may include the appropriate authorities.
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Environment Protection. 6.1 The BOT Company shall prepare and deliver to the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (the “MONRE”) for its approval an environmental impact assessment (the “EIA”) with respect to the Facility and its implementation. Such EIA will be prepared in accordance with the Laws of Vietnam and delivered to the MONRE no later than ninety (90) days prior to Financial Close. The EIA, as a minimum, shall:
Environment Protection. Pfleiderer is of the firm opinion that profitable business and responsible dealing with resources are in no way incompatible, but are in fact mutually interdependent. It is therefore a mater of course for Pfleiderer that energy and raw materials are to be conserved, emissions reduced and sustainable products manufactured wherever possible. Environment protection is in this sense more than just a voluntary commitment for Pfleiderer. Environment protection is rather an essential element based on Pfleiderer’s corporate strategy. This sustainable approach has a positive effect on cost control, the reduction of risks as well as making a significant contribution to long-term competitiveness. The objective here is to have all operation plants certified on the basis of ISO 14001.
Environment Protection. 14.1 It shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer to comply, and advise its personnel, agents and/or customers to comply, both during and after delivery, with all health and safety requirements applicable to Bunkers supplied. The Seller accepts no responsibility for any consequence arising from any failure to comply with such health and safety requirements. The Buyer acknowledges familiarity with the hazards inherent in the nature of marine fuels, and shall protect indemnity and hold the Seller harmless against any claim or liability incurred as a result of Buyer, or any user of the fuels, or its customers, failing to comply with any applicable health and safety requirements.
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