Designated Party definition

Designated Party means any person listed:
Designated Party means the person whom the registered owner of a motor vehicle, upon receipt of a ticket based upon images recorded by a traffic law photo-monitoring device that indicate a traffic law violation, identifies as the person who was operating the vehicle of the registered owner at the time of the violation.
Designated Party shall have the meaning provided in Section 9.05.

Examples of Designated Party in a sentence

  • The transferee (other than a Designated Party) shall not be permitted to effect any further Transfer of the Partnership Units, other than to the General Partner.

  • If and when any such consent, substitution, approval, amendment or release shall be obtained or the Unreleased Liabilities shall otherwise become assignable or able to be novated, the Bound Member shall promptly assign, or cause to be assigned, and the Designated Party or the applicable member of its Group shall assume, such Unreleased Liabilities without exchange of further consideration.

  • No Limited Partner shall have the right to substitute a transferee (including any Designated Party or other transferees pursuant to Transfers permitted by Section 11.3 hereof) as a Limited Partner in its place.

  • No units have been issued to either a Related Trust, Counterparty or Designated Party.

  • The date that the Council receives a waiver of the 30 day appeal form signed by both the Participant and the Alternate Payee.

More Definitions of Designated Party

Designated Party shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.5(b).
Designated Party means any of the General Partner, any Investment Adviser/ Manager, and any partner, member, manager, stockholder, director, officer, employee or Affiliate of the General Partner and any Investment Adviser/ Manager.
Designated Party means a party declared as such by the Secretary for Home Affairs pursuant to section 9 or 10;
Designated Party means a party whom an order under clause 74.18 (13.2) (a) or 75.06 (3.1) (a) or subrule 75.1.05 (4) requires to attend a mediation session in person; (“partie désignée”)
Designated Party means the Subordination Agent, in such case acting for the benefit of both the Borrower and the Liquidity Provider, and in so acting, also taking into account any similar determinations (including in its individual capacity or as an applicable agent) under other credit facilities to which it is a party (in any such capacity); provided, that (a) applicable determinations as Designated Party shall be made in consultation with, and shall be subject to any joint written instructions delivered by, United and the Liquidity Provider (and absent such instructions, with the Subordination Agent having no obligation to obtain any consent from any Person in respect of its determinations as Designated Party, unless otherwise expressly set forth herein), and (b) to the extent mutually agreed by United and the Liquidity Provider (with notice to the Subordination Agent), the Designated Party shall be, or any specified determinations thereof may be made by, as applicable, the Liquidity Provider.
Designated Party has the meaning set forth in Section 9(i).
Designated Party means any of the General Partner, any Investment Adviser/Manager, and any partner, manager, stockholder, director, officer, employee, member of the Investment Committee of the New General Partner or Affiliate of any of the foregoing.