Eliminated Sample Clauses

Eliminated. 8.6 The District and the Association shall jointly construct contract language regarding the offering and implementation of IRC 125 provisions (This plan allows an employee to make pre-tax contributions, via salary reduction, towards payment of health care program employee costs and/or flexible spending. Employees may change their request to participate or not during the District’s open enrollment period).
Eliminated. 24. RP from Excluded Contributions RP can be made from amounts contributed that are designated as “Excluded Contributions” (§3.4(b)(xii)) Eliminated.
Eliminated. 4.10 The District may establish a zero or seventh period class at any secondary school site. The purpose of the class is to provide master schedule flexibility for students. The scheduling of the course is dependent upon a teacher agreeing to the alternate schedule. The teacher of record shall be assigned to a Period 0-5 or Period 2-7 work day with a conference period included during that time. If faculty meetings are scheduled during 0 or 7th period, all information related to the meeting shall be forwarded to the 7th period teacher of record. The teacher of record shall have the choice to attend any scheduled district and/ or site staff development opportunities that occur during the 0 or 7th period with the district providing a substitute. The zero or seventh period teacher of record shall also have release time covered by a substitute for Back to School nights or any other after hours contractual events, Open House and Back to School nights, all parent conference days during which s/he has conferences scheduled and during standardized testing. The teacher of record shall not lose sick leave time when released for these functions. For physical education classes, the teacher of record shall not be responsible for supervising students of the opposite gender in their locker room. Supervision of any activities (ie- dressing out, etc.) of any and all opposite gender students in the opposite gender locker rooms shall be provided by administration/ employee designee on campus during 0 and 7th period. Supervision of non-7th period PE class students shall not be the responsibility of the assigned teacher of record. If the assigned teacher is absent, a substitute shall be assigned the class. Such assignments shall not be made if they result in the elimination of bargaining unit member positions at individual school sites.
Eliminated. K. In the event that any employee is absent from work (that is, vacation, sick time, personal day, {00631689} birthday, or comp time) or on modified duty, that individual will not be called for overtime. The exceptions when off duty employees may be called are when an emergency situation exists as deemed by the Administrator, Police, Emergency Management, or the Public Works Director. Emergency situations include, but are not limited to, the following: weather (i.e. – snow storms, hurricanes, heavy rain events) shortage of personnel responding for overtime and other similar circumstances. During emergency events as described herein, employees utilizing vacation time will be called in to work overtime.
Eliminated. Elimination of an employee’s Assignment means the Assignment either ceases to exist altogether, or is reduced in scheduled daily time by more than two hours per day, or is reduced in such a fashion as would cause the employee to no longer be eligible for insurance benefits, or would cause the employee to no longer be eligible for inclusion in this bargaining unit.
Eliminated. Section 7. When any of the ten recognized holidays enumerated in Section 1 above, or any day which by agreement, or by law or proclamation of the state or Nation, has been substituted or is observed in place of any of such holidays, falls during an hourly or daily rated employee's vacation period, he shall, in addition to his vacation compensation, receive the holiday pay provided for therein provided he meets the qualification requirements specified. The "workdays" and "days" immediately preceding and following the vacation period shall be considered the "workdays" and "days" preceding and following the holiday for such qualification purposes.
Eliminated. 5. The receiving employee shall be paid the regular rate of pay of the employee. The sick leave received will be designated as days from the Shared Leave Bank and will be maintained separately from all other sick leave balances.
Eliminated. Section 5.
Eliminated. ARTICLE XV
Eliminated. H. Any permanent full-time employee hired on or after January 1, 2006 but before January 1, 2009, upon retirement, with a minimum of twenty-five (25) years service to the Township of Neptune shall be entitled to one-half day's pay at the rate of pay in effect at the time of retirement for each full day of unused accumulated sick leave up to a maximum of one hundred (100) days' pay, reflecting the accumulation of two hundred (200) days unused sick leave.