SCADA System definition

SCADA System means the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System which is composed of all telemetering and remote terminal units (“RTU”) at the Facility and associated with the Grid System or BPDB’s Control Center;
SCADA System. A supervisory control and data acquisition system.
SCADA System bears the meaning ascribed thereto in the Power Purchase Agreement;

Examples of SCADA System in a sentence

  • Related or supporting facilities include a 70 MW lithium-ion energy storage system, collector substation and switchyard substation within 15-acre fenced area, 15 miles of underground 34.5 kilovolt (kV) collector line system, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System, driveway and internal access roads, an Operation and Maintenance (O&M) enclosure, construction staging areas, and approximately 3 miles of perimeter fence.

  • Description – This item includes the Work to integrate the lift stations’ programming based on upgraded equipment and instrumentation components into the City’s existing SCADA System for the Trace Lift Station, in accordance with the contract documents, complete in place.

  • Council Member McCall motioned to approve Resolution 2024-16; A Resolution of the Tooele City Council Approving an Agreement with SKM for SCADA System Upgrades at Various City Wells.

  • Metro has completed SCADA System Integration Test Phase 2 (SIT-2) tests.

  • Electrical Supervisor Avelsgard provided an update.• DGR is working on SCADA System equipment• Metering for Gen 5 up and running• Cole Jordahl has completed the MERCHANT Job Training and Safety Program The Commission viewed the MRES Board Meeting c.

More Definitions of SCADA System

SCADA System means a supervisory control and data acquisition system used for process monitoring, automation, recording and/or reporting within the drinking water system;
SCADA System means an IT supervisory control and data acquisition system; "Schedule" shall mean:
SCADA System means supervisory control and data acquisition system monitoring and controlling the performance of the Units and the Facility.
SCADA System means the supervisory control and data acquisition system installed by Contractor in the Project, as more specifically described in the Technical Specifications under “SCADA System” and in Exhibit 24.
SCADA System means Transporter’s System Control and Data Acquisition System. Transporter shall provide OG&E with access to Transporter’s SCADA System to obtain all information necessary to monitor the Gas flows and pressures into and out of Transporter’s Pipeline System for OG&E's account and in total. Transporter shall also provide OG&E with "real time" electronic flow meter within 2 hours of real time at each delivery point.
SCADA System means the remote control and monitoring system for the Wind Turbines, as more particularly described in Exhibit D.2.1 to the applicable form of Supply Agreement.
SCADA System means the Plant’s remote control and monitoring system, including central computer and remote PC system.