Earnings Sample Clauses

Earnings. In the event of a Divorce, the Couple agrees that each Spouse’s earnings during the marriage shall be owned by: (check one) ☐ - Each Spouse separately. ☐ - The Couple jointly. Earnings shall include, but not be limited to, salaries, bonuses, personal payments, gifts, dividends, distributions, and any other income.
Earnings. All earnings, gains and losses with respect to Trust assets shall be allocated in accordance with a reasonable procedure adopted by the Committee, to bookkeeping accounts for Participants or to the general account of the Trust, depending on the nature and allocation of the assets generating such earnings, gains and losses. In particular, any earnings on cash dividends received with respect to shares of Common Stock shall be allocated to accounts for Participants, except to the extent that such cash dividends are distributed to Participants, if such shares are the subject of outstanding Plan Share Awards, or, otherwise to the Plan Share Reserve.
Earnings. For Plan Years beginning after December 31, 1988, a hardship distribution under this Section 14.11 may not include earnings on an Employee's elective deferrals credited after December 31, 1988. Qualified matching contributions and qualified nonelective contributions, and any earnings on such contributions, credited as of December 31, 1988, are subject to the hardship withdrawal only if the Employer specifies in an addendum to this Section 14.11. The addendum may modify the December 31, 1988, date for purposes of determining credited amounts provided the date is not later than the end of the last Plan Year ending before July 1, 1989.
Earnings. The earnings of each separate account shall be allocated only to that account. The Custodian will attribute earnings only to the assets held in the account in the custody of the Custodian according to the Custodian’s ordinary business practices and in accordance with the Custodian’s established customs and procedures.
Earnings. Eligible employees shall earn sick leave credit at the rate of five percent (5%) of the employee's regularly scheduled hours per pay period. The hour/day equivalent sick leave accrual for full-time employees over one (1) year (26 pay periods) is one hundred four (104) hours, or thirteen (13) days. Sick leave is credited in units of one-tenth (1/10th) of one (1) hour, up to a maximum of four (4) hours, at the beginning of the pay period following the one in which it was earned.
Earnings the Earnings shall be payable to the Safety Account until such time as a Default shall occur and the Mortgagee shall direct to the contrary whereupon the Owner shall forthwith, and the Mortgagee may at any time thereafter, instruct the persons from whom the Earnings are then payable to pay the same to the Mortgagee or as it may direct and any Earnings then in the hands of the Owner’s brokers or other agents shall be deemed to have been received by them for the use and on behalf of the Mortgagee;
Earnings. The method for computing and allocating annual earnings (e.g., interest, dividends) on your IRA will differ based on the nature and issuer of the investments chosen. Refer to the investment prospectus or contract for the methods used for computing and allocating annual earnings. OTHER
Earnings. Earnings, including gains and losses, on your XXX will not be subject to federal income taxes until they are considered distributed.