Planning for Future Years Sample Clauses

Planning for Future Years 

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Multi-year Planning Targets The parties acknowledge that the HSP is not eligible to receive multi-year planning targets under the terms of Schedule B in effect as of the Effective Date. In the event that Schedule B is amended over the term of this Agreement and the Funder is able to provide the HSP with multi-year planning targets, the HSP acknowledges that these targets:
Calendar Year for the purpose of this Agreement shall mean the twelve (12) month period from January 1st to December 31st inclusive.
Contract Year References to a “Contract Year” mean a period of time from and including January 1st through and including December 31st of the same calendar year, provided that:
Annual Evaluation Each faculty member on a continuing multi-year appointment will be evaluated annually pursuant to Article 10.
Multi-Year Planning The CAPS will be in a form acceptable to the LHIN and may be required to incorporate: