Descriptions Sample Clauses

Descriptions. All descriptions referred to in this Agreement are expressly incorporated herein by reference as if set forth in full, whether or not attached hereto.
Descriptions. Each Debt Document that is described in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus and the Prospectus conforms in all material respects to the description thereof contained in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus and the Prospectus.
Descriptions. The description(s) of the awarded Services set forth in Exhibit C.
Descriptions. ALL THOSE CERTAIN tracts, pieces or parcels of land, situate former 36th Street and Moore Street, 36th Ward, City of Philadelphia, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as shown on a plan prepared by Van Demark & Lynch, Inc., Engineers, Planners and Surveyors, Wilmington, Delaware, Drawing No. 39945-F, dated April 23, 2010, entitled “Subdivision Plat, Premises “H”, prepared for Sunoco, Inc.” and being more particularly described as follows, to wit:
Descriptions. This model was created to allow educators the flexibility to develop a supervisory plan that would meet a curricular, instructional, or program goal not mentioned in the previous options. The following examples are possible options but not the only formats that could satisfy this model.
Descriptions. Items described as "nailed" shall be deemed to be fixed with hardened steel nails or pins or shot pinned to brickwork or concrete. Items described as "plugged" shall be deemed to include screwing to fibre, plastic or metal plugs at not exceeding 600mm centres, and where described as "bolted" the bolts have been given elsewhere. NAILED UP CEILINGS 4mm "Everite Nutec" fibre-cement boards Ceilings including 50 x 75mm sawn softwood brandering at 450mm centres m2 13 6,4mm "Rhino" gypsum plasterboard with 50mm wide strips of fibre tape taped over joints and the whole finished with "Rhino" glide trowelled to a smooth polished surface to the thickness recommended by the manufacturer Ceilings including 38 x 38mm sawn softwood brandering at 400mm centres in one direction m2 612 Extra over ceiling for 700 x 700mm trap door of 38 x 38mm wrought softwood rebated framing with one 150 x 38mm sawn softwood cross brander covered with ceiling board and fiited flush in opening No 6 Carried to Collection R Section 2 Bill No. 7 Ceilings, Partitions and Access Flooring NEW MSUKALIGWA CHC - 24 HOUR GERT SIBANDE DISTRICT "Rhino" gypsum plasterboard cornices 4 75mm Coved cornices m 99 SUSPENDED CEILINGS Proprietary suspended ceilings NOTE: Electrical light fittings, diffusers, panels, etc. generally are "lay in" units of the same dimensions as the suspension grid described and allowance must be made accordingly for their support inclusive of any flexibility in setting out that may be required (ceiling panels have not been deducted and pricing is to take cognisance thereof).
Descriptions. All weights, measurements, dimension, drawings, capacities and other particulars of the Products, whether contained in plans, photographs, catalogs, price lists or advertising material or otherwise, are only approximate and are included solely for Buyer’s guidance. Such particulars do not form part of the contract, and deviations therefrom or subsequent changes in design are not grounds for non-acceptance of the Products and do not constitute a breach of the agreement.