Special purpose definition

Special purpose means the special purpose set forth
Special purpose means one of the defined purposes for processing of data, including users’ personal data, by participants in the Framework that are defined in the Policies or the Specifications for which Vendors declare a Legal Basis in the GVL and for which the user is not given choice by a CMP.
Special purpose provisions substantially similar to those in the Constituent Documents of the Borrower, and (b) that is formed for the sole purpose of holding any Equity Security in one or more Persons or other assets received in a workout of a Defaulted Collateral Loan or otherwise acquired in connection with a workout of a Collateral Loan.

Examples of Special purpose in a sentence

  • A typical process of asset securitisation involves sale of specific Receivables to a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) set up in the form of a trust or a company.

  • If this is not possible (e.g. the consortium is newly formed or a Special Purpose Vehicle is to be created for this contract) then three separate examples should be provided between the principal member(s) of the proposed consortium or Special Purpose Vehicle (three examples are not required from each member).

  • Policy relating to originators: A securitization transaction involves sale of receivables by the originator (a bank, non-banking finance company, housing finance company, or a manufacturing/service company) to a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), typically set up in the form of a trust.

  • Where the Supplier is a Special Purpose Vehicle, or a managing agent not intending to be the main provider of the supplies or services, the information requested should be provided in respect of the main intended provider(s) or sub-contractor(s) who will deliver the contract.

  • Securitization often utilizes the services of Special Purpose Vehicle.

More Definitions of Special purpose

Special purpose means x-ray equipment or a system designed for radiographic examinations of a specific anatomical area of the human body utilizing image receptors of more than one size; for example, the head or the spinal column.
Special purpose vehicle means a vehicle intended to perform a function which requires special body arrangements and/or equipment.
Special purpose means the special purpose set forth in a flexible purpose corporation’s articles pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 2602.
Special purpose means an activity of the regional government which in accordance with legislative authority is carried out by earmarked public money;
Special purpose means activities and associated costs of a cross-cutting nature that (a) involve material capital investments; or (b) do not represent a cost related to the management activities of the organization.
Special purpose. ’ means a purpose not directly related to the
Special purpose districts — This term refers to local governments that perform limited functions, such as providing fire protection or operating ports, and are separate entities from city, town, or county governments. • “Communitywide” actions — This term refers to actions taken by the public sector (e.g., cities and special purpose districts) and/or the private sector (e.g., businesses and households). • “All-Party” actions — This term refers to communitywide actions implemented by all four Parties (Xxxxxxxx County and the Cities of Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater).