Account Bank definition

Account Bank means any of them.
Account Bank means, in relation to a Series of Securities, the entity (if any) appointed as such under the Agency Agreement and as specified in the Issue Terms.

Examples of Account Bank in a sentence

  • After the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, the Account Bank shall invest and reinvest such funds as fully as practicable in Eligible Investments as directed by the Administrative Agent maturing not later than the earlier of (i) thirty (30) days after the date of such investment (unless putable at par to the issuer thereof) or (ii) the Business Day immediately preceding the next Payment Date (or such shorter maturities expressly provided herein).

  • The Seller has delivered to the Administrative Agent a fully executed Account Control Agreement relating to each Blocked Account, pursuant to which each applicable Blocked Account Bank has agreed to comply with the instructions originated by the Administrative Agent directing the disposition of funds in such Blocked Account without further consent by the Seller, the Servicer or any other Person.

  • Absent its timely receipt of such instruction from the Collateral Manager or Administrative Agent, as applicable, in accordance with the foregoing, the Account Bank shall not be under an obligation to invest (or pay interest on) funds held hereunder.

  • The Seller shall only add a Collection Account (or a related Lock-Box), Collection Account Bank, Blocked Account or Blocked Account Bank to those listed on Schedule II-A or Schedule II-B to this Agreement, if the Administrative Agent has received notice of such addition and, with respect to a Blocked Account, an executed and acknowledged copy of an Account Control Agreement (or an amendment thereto) in form and substance acceptable to the Administrative Agent from the applicable Blocked Account Bank.

  • The Account Bank shall in no way be liable for any insufficiency in a Covered Account resulting from any loss relating to any such investment.

More Definitions of Account Bank

Account Bank means Aegean Baltic Bank S.A. of 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, 000 00 Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx (or of such other address as may last have been notified to the other parties to this Agreement pursuant to clause 17.1.3) or such other bank as may be designated by the Agent as the Account Bank for the purposes of this Agreement and includes its successors in title;
Account Bank means each of the Depository Account Bank and the Securities Intermediary.
Account Bank means SCB in its capacity as account bank under the Account Bank Agreement or any Successor thereto.
Account Bank means BNP Paribas Securities Services, Milan Branch, in its capacity as account bank, or any other depositary institution that may be appointed as such pursuant to the Cash Allocation, Management and Payments Agreement.
Account Bank means National Westminister Bank plc as account bank pursuant to the Account Agreement or any successor account bank appointed thereunder;
Account Bank means Hamburg Commercial Bank AG, acting in such capacity through its office at Xxxxxxx-Xxxxxxxxx-Xxxxx 00, 00000 Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, or any successor;
Account Bank means the bank at which the Guarantor Accounts are maintained from time to time being, as at the Programme Date, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce acting through its main branch situated at Commerce Court West, 000 Xxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx X0X 0X0 and, unless the context otherwise requires, includes the Standby Account Bank, if and when appointed, together with any successor Account Bank appointed in accordance with the terms of the Bank Account Agreement;