Dividends Sample Clauses

Dividends. 1. Dividends paid by a company which is a resident of a Contracting State to a resident of the other Contracting State may be taxed in that other State.
Dividends. Dividends and distributions on Shares of a particular Series may be paid with such frequency as the Trustees may determine, which may be daily or otherwise pursuant to a standing resolution or resolutions adopted only once or with such frequency as the Trustees may determine, to the holders of Shares of that Series, from such of the estimated income and capital gains, accrued or realized, from the assets belonging to that Series, as the Trustees may determine, after providing for actual and accrued liabilities belonging to that Series. All dividends and distributions on Shares of a particular Series shall be distributed pro rata to the holders of that Series in proportion to the number of Shares of that Series held by such holders at the date and time of record established for the payment of such dividends or distributions, except that in connection with any dividend or distribution program or procedure the Trustees may determine that no dividend or distribution shall be payable on Shares as to which the Shareholder's purchase order and/or payment have not been received by the time or times established by the Trustees under such program or procedure, and except that if Classes have been established for any Series, the rate of dividends or distributions may vary among such Class pursuant to resolution, which may be a standing resolution, of the Board of Trustees. Such dividends and distributions may be made in cash or Shares or a combination thereof as determined by the Trustees or pursuant to any program that the Trustees may have in effect at the time for the election by each Shareholder of the mode of the making of such dividend or distribution to that Shareholder. Any such dividend or distribution paid in Shares will be paid at the net asset value thereof as determined in accordance with subsection (h) of Section 4.2. The Trust intends to qualify each Series as a "regulated investment company" under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (the “Code”), as amended, or any successor or comparable statute thereto, and regulations promulgated thereunder. Inasmuch as the computation of net income and gains for federal income tax purposes may vary from the computation thereof on the books of the Trust, the Board of Trustees shall have the power, in its sole discretion, to distribute in any fiscal year as dividends, including dividends designated in whole or in part as capital gains distributions, amounts sufficient, in the opinion of the Board of Trustees, to enabl...
Dividends. (a) Upon the declaration of each dividend and each capital gains distribution by the Board of Directors of a Fund with respect to Shares of the Fund, the Fund shall furnish or cause to be furnished to the Transfer Agent Written Instructions setting forth the date of the declaration of such dividend or distribution, the ex-dividend date, the date of payment thereof, the record date as of which Shareholders entitled to payment shall be determined, the amount payable per Share to the Shareholders of record as of that date, the total amount payable to the Transfer Agent on the payment date and whether such dividend or distribution is to be paid in Shares at net asset value.
Dividends. Subject to the terms of paragraph D below, shares of Series B Preferred Stock shall accumulate dividends at a rate of 6.5% per annum (the "Dividend Rate"), which dividends shall be paid quarterly in cash, in four equal quarterly installments on the last day of March, June, September and December of each year, or if any such date is not a Business Day, the Business Day next preceding such day (each such date, regardless of whether any dividends have been paid or declared and set aside for payment on such date, a "Dividend Payment Date"), to holders of record (the "Registered Holders") as they appear on the stock record books of the Corporation on the fifteenth day prior to the relevant Dividend Payment Date; provided, however, that during the Accrual Period (as defined in Article IX hereof) the Corporation shall have the option to accrue such dividends, which dividends, to the extent so accrued, shall compound quarterly. Prior to the consummation of the Recapitalization, dividends shall accrue and accumulate on the Initial Stated Value of each share of Series B Preferred Stock. Following the consummation of the Recapitalization, dividends shall accrue and accumulate on the Post-Recapitalization Stated Value of each share of Series B Preferred Stock. Dividends shall be paid only when, as and if declared by the Board of Directors out of funds at the time legally available for the payment of dividends. Dividends shall begin to accumulate on outstanding shares of Series B Preferred Stock from the date of issuance and shall be deemed to accumulate from day to day whether or not earned or declared until paid. Dividends shall accumulate on the basis of a 360-day year consisting of twelve 30-day months (four 90-day quarters) and the actual number of days elapsed in the period for which payable.
Dividends. If at any time during the period from and including the Effective Date, to and including the last Expiration Date, an ex-dividend date for a cash dividend occurs with respect to the Shares, then the Calculation Agent will adjust any of the Strike Price, Number of Warrants, Daily Number of Warrants and/or any other variable relevant to the exercise, settlement or payment of the Transaction to preserve the fair value of the Warrants to Dealer after taking into account such dividend.
Dividends. The Borrower will not, and will not permit any of its Subsidiaries to, authorize, declare or pay any Dividends with respect to the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries, except that:
Dividends. If on any date while RSUs are outstanding the Company shall pay any dividend on the Shares (other than a dividend payable in Shares), the number of RSUs granted to the Executive shall, as of the record date for such dividend payment, be increased by a number of RSUs equal to: (a) the product of (x) the number of RSUs held by the Executive as of such record date, multiplied by (y) the per Share amount of any cash dividend (or, in the case of any dividend payable, in whole or in part, other than in cash, the per Share value of such dividend, as determined in good faith by the Company), divided by (b) the average closing price of a Share on the Nasdaq Global Select Market on the twenty (20) trading days preceding, but not including, such record date. In the case of any dividend declared on Shares that is payable in the form of Shares, the number of RSUs granted to the Executive shall be increased by a number equal to the product of (1) the aggregate number of RSUs held by the Executive on the record date for such dividend, multiplied by (2) the number of Shares (including any fraction thereof) payable as a dividend on a Share. In the case of any other change in the Shares occurring after the date hereof, the number of RSUs shall be adjusted as set forth in Section 4(b) of the Plan.
Dividends. Dividends upon the capital stock of the Corporation, subject to the provisions of the Certificate of Incorporation, if any, may be declared by the Board of Directors at any regular or special meeting, and may be paid in cash, in property, or in shares of the capital stock. Before payment of any dividend, there may be set aside out of any funds of the Corporation available for dividends such sum or sums as the Board of Directors from time to time, in its absolute discretion, deems proper as a reserve or reserves to meet contingencies, or for equalizing dividends, or for repairing or maintaining any property of the Corporation, or for any proper purpose, and the Board of Directors may modify or abolish any such reserve.
Dividends. After the date of this Agreement, each of Parent and the Company shall coordinate with the other the declaration of any dividends in respect of Parent Common Stock and Company Common Stock and the record dates and payment dates relating thereto, it being the intention of the parties hereto that holders of Company Common Stock shall not receive two dividends, or fail to receive one dividend, in any quarter with respect to their shares of Company Common Stock and any shares of Parent Common Stock any such holder receives in exchange therefor in the Merger.
Dividends. Declared, set aside, made or paid any dividend or other distribution to any of its stockholders;