Confirmation Letter definition

Confirmation Letter means a letter issued by any applicable Rating Agency to the effect that neither (a) the resignation of Provident as Servicer under the Servicing Agreement and appointment of Litton as successor Servicer thereunder, nor (b) the amendments exxxxxxated by this Agreement, will adversely affect the then current ratings on the Certificates then being rated.
Confirmation Letter means the letter issued by us to you confirming that we have accepted your offer to take a supply of gas and/or electricity from us at the Premises on the terms of the Agreement;
Confirmation Letter or “Confirm” means the form used by the Parties to effect a REC Transaction in the form of Exhibit A, attached and incorporated by this reference, specifying the terms of such REC Transaction, including the following: (1) any Environmental Attributes not included with Product or Retained by Seller, (2) the quantity to be purchased and sold; (3) the purchase price; (4) the Delivery Deadline; (5) the Applicable Standard; and, (6) if necessary in accordance with the terms of the REC Transaction, (a) the Vintage(s); (b) the Renewable Energy Facility or Facilities from which the Product is to be generated; (c) the Renewable Energy Source and (d) the geography of the Product. The Confirmation Letter constitutes part of, and is subject to, the terms and provisions of this Master Agreement.

Examples of Confirmation Letter in a sentence

  • We have conducted our audit in accordance with those elements of generally accepted international standards on auditing that are relevant for the purposes of forming an opinion on the completeness and accuracy of the Confirmation Letter.

  • This Agreement, Your Confirmation Letter and Your enrollment form(s) are the entire agreement between You and AWR.

More Definitions of Confirmation Letter

Confirmation Letter means a letter sent to you from us after you sign up to this Contract including details of your tariffs, any applicable discounts and any Commitment Period;
Confirmation Letter means a letter of confirmation issued by the Bank to the Cardholder containing certain terms and conditions in respect of the Card and/or Balance Transfer under Clause 17.
Confirmation Letter means a Confirmation Letter included as Exhibit A, which is used by the Parties to effect a transaction and constitutes part of and is subject to the terms and provisions of this Agreement.
Confirmation Letter means the letter identified on its face as suchwhich is sent by Cambridge to the School confirming that the School’s registration application has been successful;
Confirmation Letter means the letter of confirmation which contains CLSA's acceptance of your application to be provided with the Services indicated in your Account Application Form.
Confirmation Letter means the communication from Agency confirming receipt of the deposit and the finalisation of the rental booking.
Confirmation Letter means a letter sent to you from us after you sign up to this Contract including details of your Fixed Price and any Commitment Period;