Contract Extensions Sample Clauses

Contract Extensions. This Contract may be extended on an annual basis beyond the Initial Term if the Local Board successfully meets the terms of the Contract for at least three or more years as determined by the State Board.
Contract Extensions. If extensions of this Contract are deemed reasonable by the Seller, the stumpage price agreed upon herein shall be adjusted as follows:
Contract Extensions. Compensation for contract extensions within the regular school year shall be calculated at the employee’s per diem rate. Compensation for contracts extended beyond the regular school year shall be at the per diem rate unless mutually agreed otherwise. The teacher’s per diem rate shall be calculated by dividing the teacher’s total salary by one hundred and eighty-eight (188) days. However, as of July 1 any change in the per diem will be reflected on new or continuing contracts.
Contract Extensions. GM and Delphi have negotiated extensions of certain Existing Agreements as set forth on Exhibit 3.02 to this Agreement. The applicable Existing Agreements are hereby amended to incorporate the terms set forth on Exhibit 3.02 to this Agreement, and GM shall issue confirming purchase orders to DAS in the course of GM’s normal business practices. To the extent that any confirming purchase order fails to reflect the terms set forth in Exhibit 3.02 to this Agreement or contains terms inconsistent with the terms set forth in Exhibit 3.02 to this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall control even if Delphi continues to ship the applicable Component Parts following the issuance of the confirming purchase order.
Contract Extensions. The Contract term is for period stated in Item B. subject to additional successive periods with a maximum aggregate including all extensions not to exceed five (5) years.
Contract Extensions. Prior to the end of any year of the Contract, the Board and Superintendent may mutually agree to extend the employment of the Superintendent for a period not to exceed the maximum permitted by law provided all the performance and improvement goals contained in Article F, Section 2, have been met.
Contract Extensions. The City reserves the right to extend the Contract upon the same terms and conditions for a period equal to the original contract. Such extensions of work may be at any point where extensions are authorized by agreement of both parties.
Contract Extensions. Compensation for contract extension, for work within the professional training and competence of teachers, shall be calculated at the regular per diem rate of the teacher. Fringe benefits shall accrue at the regular rate. Teachers working less than a standard work day shall be paid an hourly rate. If any hourly rate calculation is required, it shall be determined by dividing the per diem rate by the number of hours in a standard teacher work day (Article 506).
Contract Extensions. Contract extensions may be granted upon approval by the Office of Student Life in response to a Student's written request that complies with the procedures established by the Office of Student Life and the Residence Hall Policies and Procedures in the Loyola University Community Standards handbook. The Student will be responsible for payment of additional fees that apply for such extensions.
Contract Extensions. Each solid waste collection contract in the form attached as Schedule 3.40 shall automatically renew on the termination of such contract on the same terms and conditions for additional annual terms unless either party to such contract notifies the other in writing within sixty (60) days from the date of the annual expiration date of its intention not to renew the contract.