Contract Extension Sample Clauses

Contract Extension. In the event the Contract Extension Amendment takes effect, but not all Contractors sign the amendment, the following shall apply: If and to the extent that the charges under Article 50(b)(1) and 50(b)(2) of the water supply contracts of Contractors that have not executed the Contract Extension Amendment (“non-signing Contractors”) are not sufficient to recover the annual Financing Costs that relate to Revenue Bonds issued to finance capital costs that are Incurred after the Billing Transition Date and are allocable to such non-signing Contractors, the amount of the shortfall shall be determined. Such shortfall shall be charged to the Contractors that have executed the Contract Extension Amendment (“signing Contractors”) in proportion to each such signing Contactor’s total Water System Facility Revenue Bond Financing Cost charges under Article 50(b) of this contract. 51. FINANCIAL ADJUSTMENTS.‌
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Contract Extension. In the event of a Change of Control during the Term, the Term shall be extended to the second anniversary of the Change of Control (such two year period, the "Change of Control Extension Period").
Contract Extension. Unless an MYA faculty member receives a timely notice of non- reappointment as described in Sec. 8.6(a), the faculty member will receive a new MYA as described in Sec. 8.6(a). If the faculty member has an administrative code, the extension does not necessarily extend to continuation of the administrative code. In cases of voluntary resignation, retirement, removal for just cause (as in 16.1), layoff, or non-reappointment, no contract extension will be given.
Contract Extension. The State reserves the right to extend this contract on a month-to-month basis for a period of up to three months.
Contract Extension. If a CMYA faculty member receives an overall satisfactory annual evaluation as defined by the unit, he or she will receive a one-year contract extension, thereby maintaining a full three-year appointment cycle. This section does not apply to the continuation of administrative appointments. In cases of voluntary resignation, retirement, removal for just cause, or layoff, no contract extension will be given.
Contract Extension. In the event that this Standard Contract shall terminate or be likely to terminate prior to the making of an award for a new contract for the identified goods and ancillary services, the City may, with the written consent of Contractor, extend this Contract for such period as may be necessary to afford the City a continuous supply of the identified goods and ancillary services. If not set forth in the ITB/RFP and/or Contractor’s submittal, the City will determine the basic period of performance for the completion of any of Contractor’s actions contemplated within the scope of this Agreement and notify Contractor of the same via written notice. If no specific period for the completion of Contractor’s required actions pursuant to this Agreement is set out in writing, such time period shall be a reasonable period of time based upon the nature of the activity. If the completion of this Contract is delayed by actions of the City, then and in such event the time of completion of this Contract shall be extended for such additional time within which to complete the performance of the Contract as is required by such delay. This Contract may be extended by mutual consent of both the City and the Contractor for reasons of additional time, additional services and/or additional areas of work.
Contract Extension. CDHS will have the exclusive option to extend the term of the Contract for any Service Area during the last twelve (12) months of the Contract, as determined by the original expiration date or by a new expiration date if an extension option has been exercised. CDHS may invoke up to three (3) separate extensions of up to twenty-four months each. The Contractor will be given at least nine (9) months prior written notice of CDHS’ decision on whether or not it will exercise this option to extend the Contract for each Service Area. Contractor will provide written notification to CDHS of its intent to accept or reject the extension within five (5) working days of the receipt of the notice from CDHS.
Contract Extension. In the event that during the term of this Contract, Seller claims a suspension of its obligation to deliver Gas to Buyer for a total of thirty (30) or more days (whether consecutive or non consecutive) for the reason of one or more events of force majeure, then the term of this Contract shall be extended for the number of days during which such force majeure condition is claimed.
Contract Extension. Unless otherwise stated any Contract resulting from this Bid may be extended in accordance with applicable legal provisions at the same terms and conditions upon mutual agreement of the parties.
Contract Extension. If during the Term, a "Change of Control" occurs as defined in paragraph 7(d), the Term of your employment shall automatically be extended until the second anniversary date of such Change of Control.