Camp Sample Clauses

Camp. The parties agree that the normal work assignment, scheduling and premium pay provisions of the collective agreement shall not apply when staff are participating in any of the Camp Programs. In addition, it is acknowledged and understood that the camp experience requires flexibility in the work duties and the work day that includes intermittent periods of work and personal time and due to the unique nature of the program, the following provisions shall apply for any employee required by the Employer to attend Camp:
Camp. A type of sub-facility of an institution which is normally located in a rural area and which has no secured (fenced or walled) perimeter.
Camp a. Decisions regarding camp attendance of the Children will be made as follows: mother will decide.

Related to Camp

  • MINES The Contractor represents and warrants that neither it, its parent entities (if any), nor any of the Contractor’s subsidiaries or affiliated entities (if any) is engaged in the sale or manufacture of anti-personnel mines or components utilized in the manufacture of anti-personnel mines.

  • Attn Contract Administration 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx San Antonio, TX 00000-0000 Telephone No.: 800/000-0000, ext 8 Facsimile No.: 210/474-4088 Any notice to you shall be duly given if mailed or sent by overnight courier to you at the address specified by you below.

  • ENTERTAINERS AND SPORTSPERSONS 1. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 14, income derived by a resident of a Contracting State as an entertainer, such as a theatre, motion picture, radio or television artiste, or a musician, or as a sportsperson, from that resident’s personal activities as such exercised in the other Contracting State, may be taxed in that other Contracting State.