Dewatering definition

Dewatering means the removal of trapped water from a construction site to allow land development or utility installation activities to occur.
Dewatering means the use of wells or other such equipment to temporarily lower a water level as may be necessary during construction activities.

Examples of Dewatering in a sentence

  • De-watering for structure foundations or earthwork operations adjacent to or encroaching on lakes, streams or watercourses shall be done in a manner which prevents muddy water and eroded materials from entering the lakes, streams or watercourses, by construction of intercepting ditches, bypass channels, barriers, settling ponds or by other approved means.

  • De-watering by DWP will likely exacerbate this decline and contribute to the overall drop in population levels within eastern California.

  • Dewatering Facilities and Drains: Comply with requirements in applicable Division 2 Sections for temporary drainage and dewatering facilities and operations not directly associated with construction activities included in individual Sections.

  • An agenda item from Plant Manager David Bruketta recommending the City Council approve an agreement with CH2M Hill and reimbursement to the City of Reno for Sparks’ share of the contract for engineering services associated with the Dewatering Building at the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility not to exceed the $156,850 appropriations set aside in the approved 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

  • Dewatering Building Electrical and HVAC upgrades✓ Evaluate aging electrical and HVAC equipment for replacement✓ Evaluate automation options to reduce staff hours needed to run equipment.✓ Improved operator safety.✓ Increased building energy efficiency.✓ Automation will help consistency and reduce cost on hours of manual operation.

More Definitions of Dewatering

Dewatering means the withdrawal of ground water from an aquifer or saturated zone that may result in the lowering of the water level within the aquifer or saturated zone or a decline of the potentiometric surface within that aquifer or saturated zone.
Dewatering means removing underground water to facilitate construction or other activity. [Section 26O inserted by No. 49 of 2000 s. 55.]26P. Local by‑laws relating to flood protection works Local by‑laws may be made —
Dewatering means the removal of all water from a natural water body.
Dewatering means the removal of all water from a natural water body or the portion of a natural waterbody enclosed by Engineered Structures.