Millwright definition

Millwright means a tradesperson who constructs sawmills, installs machinery therein, and maintains such sawmill and machinery.
Millwright and Machinery Erectors shall mean the unloading, hoisting, rigging by any means, transferring, moving, cleaning, disassembling, assembling, welding, burning, erecting, calibrating, aligning, starting-up and testing, adjusting, repairing, and the maintaining of all machinery and equipment, be it powered by, or receiving power from, steam, gas, gasoline, diesel, jet, electric, pneumatic, water, solar, thermal, mineral, atomic, rocket, nuclear, chemical, wind or any other source, regardless whether temporarily or permanently installed or located and shall also include the following work: Although some components of machinery and/or equipment may be described in one application or location and not in another, it shall not be excluded from our autonomy when, to avoid repetition, it is not described in other applications, any change in technology or materials that replace an application that falls under Xxxxxxxxxx jurisdiction shall be deemed the work of the Millwrights. Some of the locations in which you may find machinery, equipment and their components are: woodworking, canning, food, and computer industries, steel, metal, plastic, and glass manufacturing or recycling plants, foundries, ore reduction plants, stamping facilities, coffee roasting plants, paper, cellophane and film industries, feed and saw xxxxx, rock, gravel, sand washing, stone crushing, cement and asphalt plants, water, sewage and chemical treatment plants, laundries, kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, bakeries, fertilizing and mixing plants, can, ice, bottle and bag manufacturing plants, textile, flour, and paint xxxxx, breweries, milk, rendering and meat processing plants, locks, dams and bridges, coal yards, sugar refineries, ethanol or similar type facilities, bio-mass facilities, cosmetic facilities, pharmaceutical facilities, post offices, package handling centers, incinerators, co-generation, coal gasification and power plants, automotive, truck and or similar manufacturing type factories, maintenance facilities for cars, trucks, trains, planes, buses, bio-research facilities, the amusement, recreational and entertainment fields, semi- conductor plants, clean rooms and wind farms, all mechanical equipment on submarines and ships either assembled, semi assembled, disassembled or maintenance of is the work of the Millwright.
Millwright means a tradesman engaged installing and/or maintaining machinery.

Examples of Millwright in a sentence

  • The statement and invoice must be approved by the Executive Secretary Treasurer of the Millwright Regional Council.

  • This agreement shall become effective immediately upon such agreement between EPSCA and the Millwright Regional Council of Ontario.

  • If EPSCA provides an incentive to the Millwright Regional Council of Ontario to obtain the agreement of this Appendix within the Millwright Agreement, then EPSCA shall make available the same incentives to the unions that have become bound to this Appendix.

  • If the Employer fails to comply with the provisions hereof, the Millwright shall be paid waiting time at the current rate of wages applicable to regular working hours.

  • The Millwright Apprenticeship Program or the Planermill Maintenance Technician I and II Programs may be utilized by the Company to train Planermen.

  • The job evaluation program shall apply to all hourly paid employees in the B.C. Northern Interior Sawmill industry except those categories listed below: Planermill Maintenance Technician I and II Millwright Machinist Blacksmith Welder Pipefitter - including Sprinklerman Mechanics Electrician Painter Xxxxxxxxx Bricklayer Steamfitter Boilermaker Saw Filers, Fitters, Benchmen and helpers Engineers (Boiler House) Firemen (Boiler House) Grinderman Oiler and Improvers and Helpers to the above trades.

  • For example, should there be four apprentices in the Tool and Die or Millwright Department and should a reduction in this number be required because of lack of work, those persons having the greatest length of service in the Apprenticeship Program will be the last laid off, and the last laid off will be the first reinstated.

  • Millwright: When welding or cutting work is required for the performance of duties related to this trade, the employer shall hire a millwright on a preferential basis.

  • The priming of pumps is the responsibility of the Press/Pit Monitor and Millwright classifications.

  • The Company will pay to the Trade and Craft employees set out below one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) per year toward the cost of tools, effective February 28, 2007 and on each anniversary date thereafter during the life of the Collective Agreement: Electrician, Machinist Shop and Field, Roll Xxxxxx, Diesel Mechanic, Welder, Hydraulic Technician, Pipefitter, Millwright, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Person, Painter.

More Definitions of Millwright

Millwright means one who installs machinery and equipment according to layout plans, blueprints, and other drawings in an industrial establishment, using hoists, lift trucks, hand tools, and power tools; reads blueprints and schematic drawings to determine work procedures; dismantles machines, using hammers, wrenches, crowbars and other hand tools; moves machinery and equipment, using hoists, dollies, rollers, and trucks; assembles and installs equipment, such as shafting, conveyors, and tram rails, using hand tools and power tools; constructs foundations for machines, using hand tools and building materials, such as wood, cement, and steel; aligns machines and equipment, using hoists, jacks, hand tools, squares, rules, micrometers, and plumb bobs; assembles machines, and bolts, welds, rivets, or otherwise fastens them to foundations or other structures, using hand tools and power tools; may operate engine lathe to grind, file, and turn machine parts to dimensional specifications; may repair and lubricate machines and equipment; may install robot and modify its program, using a teach pendant; and may perform installation and maintenance work as part of team of skilled trades workers.
Millwright means dismantling, erecting, assembling, aligning and adjusting of all machinery used in the transmission of power in buildings, factories or elsewhere, be that power steam, electric, gas, gasoline, water or air. The setting of all classes of engines, motors, dynamos, generators, air compressors, putting on all pulleys, sheaves and fly wheels on same, making and setting of all templates for all machinery requiring foundation and bolt. Stone crushing and gravel washing plants, crushers, screens revolving and eccentric rolls, heat-treating furnaces, pan conveyors, ship hoists, conveyors, belts or screw, whether boxes be steel, iron or wood, etc. The assembling of all travelers or cranes for handling machinery or its products where no rivets are used in assembling same. Framing and setting of all bridge trees either wood or steel where they are no part of building or structure, all foundations, beams, skid or timbers used for the reception of machinery, drilling, welding or cutting, burning all necessary holes for same, whether foundation be wood, stone, concrete or other material. All holes for bearing and machinery to be drilled by Millwrights whether ratchet or power drills are to be used. All grain handling appliances, cleaners, chippers, needle machines, car pullers, grain shovels, the manufacture and erection of all wood legs, spouts and conveyor boxes and the erection of all steel, cast iron legs, heads or boots and conveyor boxes, framing and erecting of all marine legs and ship shovels, spiral chutes, framing of all scales timber and wood hoppers, cooling towers, setting of all scales, track xxxxxx or automatic, all boat tanks or receiving hoppers, garners and devices used for elevator legs, when not of electrical appliance, all dust collectors and necessary splicing and gluing of same, all pulleys, bleaching devices of all kinds, all bin valves, turn heads and indicators, all necessary shafting, bearings and supports, all drives, rope, belt, chain or raw-hide, all splicing, gluing and lacing of same, all pulleys, cables, sprockets and gearing, babbiting of all bearings and cutting of keyways (except what is done in machine shop) in new or old work done on the job, amusement devices of all kinds, all fans, and pumps, either steam or centrifugal, all dryers, and necessary appliances for same, all barrel and package devices, either elevator or conveying, all press, hydraulic or other power, filing all gears on the job, erecting all concrete mixers and ...
Millwright. Lead" A millwright "Lead", must possess the qualifications set out under Millwright "A".

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