Blended Learning Sample Clauses

Blended Learning. Definition: Learning facilitated by the effective combination of different modes of delivery, models of teaching and learning styles, and applying them in an interactively meaningful learning environment. This strategy combines online and classroom learning activities and resources that may reduce in class seat time for students in a face-to-face environment.
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Blended Learning. Blended Learning is an approach to developing and delivering curricula that seeks to increase education quality by leveraging new education technologies (e.g., e-learning modules) (Blended Learning). The Training Provider shall integrate Blended Learning into the curriculum over the management contract period. Given the lead-time required to develop the relevant IT infrastructure, the Training Provider is not expected to begin integrating Blended Learning in the first Academic Year; however, the Training Provider is encouraged to identify key enablers needed (e.g., IT equipment) in their College Improvement Plan in-line with the Blended Learning initiative.
Blended Learning. The UWS Making the Difference Plan, 2010-2015 includes the commitment to enable students to study in their own time, supported by ICT-enabled learning resources. Our students tell us that they want flexible access to higher education that includes a combination of online and face-to- face delivery. We have embarked on an ambitious ‘Our Future’ strategy comprising a suite of initiatives to ensure that our curriculum and academic program offerings are efficiently delivered while at the same time engaging, innovative and relevant. The Our Future program includes a substantial investment over three years to support a whole of institution curriculum renewal strategy based on integrating online and face-to-face modes of delivery. The strategy includes considerable investment in IT infrastructure - including wireless networking capabilities that support flexibility, diversity and extendibility - across our six campuses. At the same time we are investing in technology-enhanced learning spaces, 24-hour library access and computer laboratories that enable students to use our campuses as a resource, a space for learning beyond the formal classroom, using a range of IT resources, including mobile devices. In 2013 UWS issued iPads to all first year undergraduate students and continuing academic staff. The scale of this initiative was an Australian first and one of the largest rollouts of mobile devices internationally. This initiative, which will be repeated again in 2014, is part of the UWS Our Future investment which recognises the need to provide students with the technology toolkits they need to be able to learn anywhere, anytime using a suite of learning resources, including mobile devices and apps. Evidencing curriculum quality and standards UWS is committed to challenging the notion that growth in student numbers compromises quality and standards. Evidence of this commitment is our leadership of the recent Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) funded project entitled A sector-wide model for assuring final year subject and program achievement standards through inter-university peer review and moderation. The objective of this project was to test the feasibility of an approach for inter-university blind peer review of teaching (input) and learning (outcome) standards among final year undergraduate subjects, taking into account program-level outcomes, external reference points and discipline standards. Eight Australian universities identified common final year sub...
Blended Learning. Training that combines various types of online and face-to-face instruction. Computer Based Training (CBT): consists of instruction delivered on a computer, with or without supplemental workbook materials. In addition to the actual instruction, exercises are usually included. This methodology provides an opportunity for a high level of interactive participation by the student. CBT courses for computer software often simulate the software and sometimes also provide an alternative Help source. CBT training may be made available for individual computers or through a network to many computers, typically delivered on CD-ROM or from a mainframe.
Blended Learning. 10.01 In the event the Board should choose to implement a blended learning program as part of the curriculum at District high schools and middle schools, the following terms and provisions shall apply for teachers providing instruction in a blended learning curriculum:
Blended Learning. Blended learning refers to combining classroom training with electronic training. Team CACI works with the customer to combine various methods of delivery for the greatest instructional effect.
Blended Learning. A. All tutoring of blended learning will occur outside the school day.
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  • Cost Estimate The cost estimate shall set out the estimated costs for the proposed Change Order in such a way that a fair evaluation can be made. It shall include a breakdown for labor, materials, equipment and markups for overhead and profit, unless TxDOT agrees otherwise. If the work is to be performed by Subcontractors and if the work is sufficiently defined to obtain Subcontractor quotes, DB Contractor shall obtain quotes (with breakdowns showing cost of labor, materials, equipment and markups for overhead and profit) on the Subcontractor’s stationery and shall include such quotes as back-up for DB Contractor’s estimate. No markup shall be allowed in excess of the amounts allowed under Section 10.6. DB Contractor shall identify all conditions with respect to prices or other aspects of the cost estimate, such as pricing contingent on firm orders being made by a certain date or the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event.

  • Escalation/De-escalation Clause In the event that prevailing market conditions warrant an adjustment in bid prices contained in the contract, the following escalation/de- escalation clause shall be the only clause applicable or acceptable:

  • Baseline For purposes of measuring a reduction in net tax revenue, the interim final rule measures actual changes in tax revenue relative to a revenue baseline (baseline). The baseline will be calculated as fiscal year 2019 (FY 2019) tax revenue indexed for inflation in each year of the covered period, with inflation calculated using the Bureau of Economic Analysis’s Implicit Price Deflator.163 FY 2019 was chosen as the starting year for the baseline because it is the last full fiscal year prior to the COVID– 162 See, e.g., Tax Policy Center, How do state earned income tax credits work?, https:// state-earned-income-tax-credits-work/ (last visited May 9, 2021).

  • Preliminary Cost Estimate Consulting Engineer/Architect shall furnish City an estimate of probable Construction Cost based on the preliminary design. Consulting Engineer/Architect's estimate of probable Construction Cost is to be made on the basis of Consulting Engineer/Architect's experience and qualifications and represent Consulting Engineer/Architect's best judgment as an experienced and qualified design professional, familiar with the construction industry.

  • REPORT ON CONTRACT SALES ACTIVITY AND ADMINISTRATIVE FEE PAYMENT A. CONTRACT SALES ACTIVITY REPORT. Each calendar quarter, Supplier must provide a contract sales activity report (Report) to the Sourcewell Supplier Development Administrator assigned to this Contract. Reports are due no later than 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter. A Report must be provided regardless of the number or amount of sales during that quarter (i.e., if there are no sales, Supplier must submit a report indicating no sales were made). The Report must contain the following fields: • Participating Entity Name (e.g., City of Staples Highway Department); • Participating Entity Physical Street Address; • Participating Entity City; • Participating Entity State/Province; • Participating Entity Zip/Postal Code; • Participating Entity Contact Name; • Participating Entity Contact Email Address; • Participating Entity Contact Telephone Number; • Sourcewell Assigned Entity/Participating Entity Number; • Item Purchased Description; • Item Purchased Price; • Sourcewell Administrative Fee Applied; and • Date Purchase was invoiced/sale was recognized as revenue by Supplier.

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