Definition of IT Resources

IT Resources means all the equipment, networks, hardware, software, technical knowledge, expertise and other resources, including all information technology resources and computer systems, held, owned or used by any of the Sellers, the Target Companies or any of their respective Subsidiaries to the extent used in connection with the Business as currently conducted and, in all material respects, as conducted during the 12-month period prior to the date of this Agreement, or which are necessary for the provision of the Services (as defined in the IT Transition Services Agreement).

Examples of IT Resources in a sentence

At all times, Executive agrees to (a) comply with and enforce the security policies and procedures as in force from time to time designed to protect access to and safeguard the data, equipment, systems and all other facilities, IT resources and communication technologies of the Corporation, Bank or its Affiliates ("Facilities and IT Resources"), (b) not access or use any of the Facilities and IT Resources in any manner after termination of employment (regardless of the circumstances).
EMAIL AND INTERNET USE 23.1 The Employee agrees to be bound by and to comply with the terms of the Company's Acceptable Uses of IT Resources policy and any other information technology, email and internet policy which the Company may publish from time to time.
IT Resources means the systems or supporting infrastructures relating to or used by information technology equipment, including telecommunication devices, telecommunication services, equipment or interconnected systems used in the development, automatic acquisition, storage, display, manipulation, management, transmission or reception of data.
Executive further agrees to promptly notify the Corporation, Bank or Affiliates, as applicable, in the event he/she learns of a violation of any security policies or procedures by others, or of any other misappropriation or unauthorized access, use, or tampering with any of the Facilities and IT Resources by others.
Montana Information Security Advisory Council Best Practices Workgroup - Acceptable Use of IT Resources Summary 4.