Bilingual Pay Sample Clauses

Bilingual Pay. Where the Employer currently pays bilingual pay or bonuses, it shall continue to do so. The Employer retains discretion to initiate bilingual pay or bonuses. The minimum bilingual bonus or hourly equivalent is $25 per pay period. The Employer may not require an employee to use bilingual skills without paying the appropriate bonus or pay. This does not apply to employees where such skills are in the classification specification.
Bilingual Pay. 178. Employees who are assigned by their Department to a "designated bilingual position" for ten (10) or more hours biweekly shall be granted additional compensation of $35.00 biweekly. Any employee assigned to a "designated bilingual position" who translates forty (40) or more hours biweekly shall be granted an additional $15.00 biweekly, making a total of $50.00 biweekly. A "designated bilingual position" is a position designated by the Department which requires translating to and from a foreign language including sign language used by the hearing impaired and Braille for the visually impaired.
Bilingual Pay. The City makes available a bilingual pay program with a stipend of $75 per month for qualifying employees. To qualify, employees must pass probation and an oral examination and meet all the terms and conditions as established under separate policies, rules, and procedures established by the City. The examination shall be administered by the City or a third party selected by the City. The City may establish an in-house testing site, or require an employee to test on his/her own time. The City agrees to pay the cost of testing for all successful applicants. Incidental costs such as travel time and mileage to the third-party test site shall be borne by each applicant. An employee's continuation in the bilingual program is subject to periodic evaluation and retesting. Periodic evaluations shall be conducted no sooner than 1 year after each employee's original anniversary date in the program, or no sooner than 1 year after the last date of evaluation. An employee receiving bilingual pay who, at any time, fails to cooperate in providing the bilingual service required by the City Manager or the concerned department head, shall be subject to elimination from the bilingual program. Evaluations are based on the City's bilingual requirements, including need for an employee's bilingual skill, changing skill level requirements, changing demographic needs, the employee's cooperation in providing bilingual service, and ability of the employee to periodically demonstrate skill level through the retesting program. Each employee participating in the bilingual program shall receive a copy of the bilingual policy and any program guidelines, including evaluation guidelines. Retesting may be conducted at the discretion of the concerned department head or bilingual program administrator. The bilingual program administrator shall be the City Manager or his/her designee. The purpose of retesting is to evaluate skill maintenance by the employee receiving the bilingual stipend. The City will pay the administrative cost for retesting participating employees (excluding mileage and travel time). At the discretion of the City, retesting shall be conducted on City premises, or at the administrative office of the third-party test administrator. Employees who received their bilingual education through a City-sponsored grant program shall be ineligible to receive bilingual pay until the grant is reimbursed. An employee can reimburse the City by participating in the bilingual pay program and...
Bilingual Pay. To overcome language barriers and to provide citizens equal access to City services, the City and the Union encourage represented employees to use City designated languages during contact with the public. For the purpose of bilingual premium pay, each department, subject to City approval, shall designate the non-English languages that may be used. To be eligible for bilingual premium pay, a represented employee must be certified under either subsection or, must provide bilingual service on a regular basis when requested by the City, and must be in a work location where there is a demonstrated need for bilingual services. Represented employees in Units TM1 and U41 shall not receive Bilingual Pay.
Bilingual Pay. On recommendation of the appointing authority and the Director of Personnel, the County may approve payments of one hundred and forty dollars ($140) per month to a bilingual employee whose abilities have been determined by the Director of Personnel as qualifying to fill positions requiring bilingual speaking and/or writing ability. Bilingual skill payments will be made when:
Bilingual Pay. 179. Bilingual pay, in the amount of Thirty Five Dollars ($35.00) biweekly, shall be paid to employees who have been certified by the City as having proficiency in the Spanish or Chinese languages. Employees certified by the City as having proficiency in other languages, including sign language for the hearing impaired and braille for the visually impaired, shall, upon the approval of their supervisor, receive such pay when they are required to utilize such skills and subject to Department of Human Resources guidelines.
Bilingual Pay a. The Agency may authorize bilingual pay when it is determined to be necessary for the operation of Agency programs. The Agency shall determine what languages are appropriate for such pay and the number of employees to be certified. To be eligible for bilingual pay the employee must be determined to be verbally proficient, and if necessary for the assignment, proficient in the written language. The Agency will arrange the certification and testing process and authorize the bilingual pay.
Bilingual Pay. 1. Upon the recommendation of his/her Department Head and the approval of the County Manager, an employee will be eligible to receive Bilingual Pay provided the following conditions are met: