Bilingual Pay Sample Clauses

Bilingual Pay. Where the Employer currently pays bilingual pay or bonuses, it shall continue to do so. The Employer retains discretion to initiate bilingual pay or bonuses. The minimum bilingual bonus or hourly equivalent is $25 per pay period. The Employer may not require an employee to use bilingual skills without paying the appropriate bonus or pay. This does not apply to employees where such skills are in the classification specification.
Bilingual Pay. 1. Except as provided in 2. below, qualified employees who meet the following criteria shall receive an additional forty (40) cents per hour (approximately sixty-nine [69] dollars per month) for all hours actually paid. This will not apply to the class of Interpreter.
Bilingual Pay. A salary differential of one hundred dollars ($100) per month shall be paid incumbents of positions requiring bilingual proficiency as designated by the appointing authority and Director of Human Resources. Said differential shall be paid to eligible employees in paid status for any portion of a given month. Designation of positions for which bilingual proficiency is required is the sole prerogative of the County. The Association shall be notified when such designations are made.
Bilingual Pay. Any officer demonstrating proficiency to interpret conversations in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Slavic languages, American Sign Language, Vietnamese, shall be eligible to receive compensation in the amount of $100 per month. In order to receive such compensation, the officer must pass an examination as prescribed by the department, and must agree to provide interpretation services while on duty to the extent this is practical given his assignment and workload, and as approved or directed by his supervisor.
Bilingual Pay. 10.2.1 An employee must meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements and must be certified as bilingual for oral communication, written translation or sign language duties according to the current established procedure.
Bilingual Pay. A salary differential of $50.00 biweekly shall be paid incumbents of positions requiring bilingual proficiency as designated by the appointing authority and Human Resources Director. Said differential shall be prorated for workers working less than full-time or who are in an unpaid leave of absence status for a portion of any given biweekly pay period. Bilingual pay for workers in the classes of Revenue Collector, Patient Services Assistant, Lead Patient Services Assistant, Patient Services Specialist, Medical Office Assistant, and Child Support Officer with a caseload at least 50% of which is comprised of non-English speaking clients shall be $65.00 biweekly. Designation of positions for which bilingual proficiency is required is the sole prerogative of the County and the decision of the Human Resources Director is final. The Union shall be provided listings of workers receiving bilingual pay twice a year. Bilingual lists shall include only those workers who are either receiving bilingual pay or those who are not receiving bilingual pay and who have voluntarily agreed to be on a bilingual list. The County and the Union agree to meet and confer, at the request of either party, to make appropriate changes to the above lists based upon the factors discussed in this section and/or to discuss other related issues such as workers required to use bilingual skills while performing job duties outside of their assigned classifications. At the request of the Union, the County will meet with the Union to discuss the need for additional bilingual positions.
Bilingual Pay. 178. Employees who are assigned by their Department to a "designated bilingual position" for ten (10) or more hours biweekly shall be granted additional compensation of $35.00 biweekly. Any employee assigned to a "designated bilingual position" who translates forty (40) or more hours biweekly shall be granted an additional $15.00 biweekly, making a total of $50.00 biweekly. A "designated bilingual position" is a position designated by the Department which requires translating to and from a foreign language including sign language used by the hearing impaired and Braille for the visually impaired.
Bilingual Pay. ‌ A County Department Head may designate a bargaining unit position as a bilingual position requiring specific language bilingual skills on the average of at least 10 percent of the position’s work time. Bilingual skills shall include translating, answering phone calls, research, and speaking or corresponding with clients in a language other than English. To be eligible for bilingual premium pay, the employee in the designated position must demonstrate a language proficiency of job-related terminology acceptable to the department head and the Human Resources Director. The County shall pay the employee in a designated position a premium of one dollar and fifteen cents ($1.15) per hour in addition to the employee’s base hourly rate of pay for each hour assigned and actually worked in a bilingual designated position.
Bilingual Pay. Effective August 22, 2010, and upon the recommendation of the Agency/Department Head and the approval of the Director of Human Resource Services, a person occupying a position designated as requiring fluency in a language other than English shall receive an additional $40.00 per biweekly pay period. A person occupying such a position and having fluency in three or more languages shall receive $45.00 per pay period provided that such a person is required to utilize such additional languages in the course of his/her duties for the County.
Bilingual Pay. To overcome language barriers and to provide citizens equal access to City services, the City and the Union encourage represented employees to use City designated languages during contact with the public. For the purpose of bilingual premium pay, each department, subject to City approval, shall designate the non-English languages that may be used. To be eligible for bilingual premium pay, a represented employee must be certified under either subsection or, must provide bilingual service on a regular basis when requested by the City, and must be in a work location where there is a demonstrated need for bilingual services. Represented employees in Units TM1 and U41 shall not receive Bilingual Pay.