Awarding Sample Clauses

Awarding. Unless explicitly differently indicated, all awards are expressed and awarded in Euros. The user shall arrange and send to Desall (to the address Desall S.r.l., c/o Tenuta Ca’ Tron, Xxx Xxxx x. 00, X.X.X. 00000 Xxxxxxx (XX), Italy), or to a possible provided different address, all documents required to receive the awards. Desall will pay the award via bank transfer, within ninety (90) days starting from the date of the reception of the relevant request on the part of the winner. The payment term is not essential. Before the payment of the award, the authors of the selected Projects pledge henceforth to subscribe a Private Treaty with Desall for the permanent transfer to the Sponsor of the economic exploitation right related to the Project and also pledge to collaborate with Desall and the Sponsor, if necessary, for the further development of the Projects, with at least one revision. The authors of the selected Projects pledge to provide the materials used for their development (blueprint, technical drawing, CAD files, etc.).
Awarding. The Company agrees to award and to fill posted vacancies with the senior qualified applicant for the position within fifteen (15) days of date of closure and to pay the applicable rate from the date of award. In the event the Company elects, a successful bidder may be held in their former position up to thirty (30) days. The employee's rate of pay shall be at the bidded position but any time held at their old position shall not be applicable to the training and trial period under Article 8.05. Where it is determined that there are no qualified applicants to fill the vacancy, the Company will give full consideration to awarding the vacancy to the most senior applicant who may become qualified through training in the position.
Awarding. 13.1. All participants who finish will be awarded with Gran Fondo Russia commemorative medals.
Awarding a Bid for Union of Physicians of Washington (UPW)‌ When notice of a permanent vacancy occurs, physicians will be allowed to submit a bid within the first five (5) work days of the notice. Management shall consider all bids according to seniority provided the physician has the skills and abilities necessary to perform the duties of the opening. Each senior physician considered, but not appointed, shall be notified in writing of the reasons why he/she was not appointed.
Awarding. Speech/Language Pathologists, Intensive Reading, ASL, Chemistry/Physics, ESE VE and Mathematics (Algebra II and higher level) teachers teaching 50% or more in these positions will receive $450.00 Awarding: Teachers teaching Intensive Reading one or two class periods a day will receive $225.00. DifficultTeaching Position: Identified: Teachers of self-contained ESE classrooms. Awarding: Teachers of self-contained ESE classrooms (PreK, InD, EBD) will receive $950.00.
Awarding. Consideration shall be given to the most qualified senior bidding employee. Vacancies for which there are qualified applicants shall be filled within ninety (90) days of the initial date of posting. Should the successful applicant be a bargaining unit member, he/she shall be treated, for all collective bargaining agreement purposes, as though he/she had occupied said position as of the effective date of said position having been vacated or created. The District may fill any position covered under this provision on a temporary basis to the extent as outlined above. The final decision to fill any vacancy rests exclusively with the District.
Awarding. (1999)All new or vacant bargaining unit positions will first be considered in house with respect to union employees on the seniority list. Should there be no qualified then qualified employees still on probation may be considered prior to recruiting outside. In cases of a nomination to a vacant position, skill, ability, merit and efficiency of the employee shall be the governing factor, and where all of the above are equal, departmental seniority will be the governing factor. An employee awarded a position as per the provisions above mentioned, will have a trial period of up to twenty

Related to Awarding

  • Incentives The IPTVO shall, subject to compliance with each of the Incentive Eligibility Conditions set out in Clause 2.1 of this Addendum, be entitled to avail the following incentives on a cumulative basis for the KANNADA Bouquet on the KANNADA Bouquet Rate.

  • Award Landlord shall have and hereby reserves to itself any and all rights to receive awards made for damages to the Premises, the Buildings, the Property and the Site and the leasehold hereby created, or any one or more of them, accruing by reason of exercise of eminent domain or by reason of anything lawfully done in pursuance of public or other authority. Tenant hereby grants, releases and assigns to Landlord all Tenant’s rights to such awards, and covenants to execute and deliver such further assignments and assurances thereof as Landlord may from time to time request. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to prevent Tenant from prosecuting in any condemnation proceeding a claim for the value of any of Tenant’s usual trade fixtures installed in the Premises by Tenant at Tenant’s expense and for relocation and moving expenses, provided that such action and any resulting award shall not affect or diminish the amount of compensation otherwise recoverable by Landlord from the taking authority.

  • Subawards The Recipient shall include the substance of this clause, including this paragraph (k) in all subawards, regardless of dollar value, that are subject to the Service Contract Labor Standards statute or the Wage Rate Requirements (Construction) statute, and are to be performed in whole or in part in the United States.