Successful Bidder definition

Successful Bidder or "Vendor" means any firm / company, etc., to whom work has been awarded and whose Bid has been accepted by Purchaser and shall include its authorized representatives, successors and permitted assignees.
Successful Bidder. As defined in Section 7.01(b) of this Agreement.
Successful Bidder. As defined in Section 7.01(c).

Examples of Successful Bidder in a sentence

  • The Purchaser will not be responsible for any erroneous calculation of taxes and all differences arising out as above shall be fully borne by the Successful Bidder.

  • If the Successful Bidder does not accept the correction of the errors, its Bid will be rejected, and its Bid security may be forfeited.

  • Task – 2 Replacement of existing luminaires with LED luminaires (including LED, Driver and Luminaire) and installation of CCMS Implementation timeline: The Successful Bidder has to supply, install, test and commission LED luminaires and three-phase CCMS panels within 9 (nine) months from the date of award of work failing which a penalty of INR 1,00,000/ week will be applicable for a maximum period of 13 weeks after which M&V of energy savings will be stopped resulting in no payments towards energy saving.

  • The Successful Bidder shall have to enter into the Concession Agreement with SMC within 45 (forty five) days from the date of issue of the LoA.

  • In the event the duplicate copy of the LOA duly signed by the Successful Bidder is not received by the stipulated date, Authority may, unless it consents to extension of time for submission thereof, appropriate the Bid Security of such Bidder as Damages on account of failure of the Successful Bidder to acknowledge the LOA, and the next eligible Bidder may be considered.

More Definitions of Successful Bidder

Successful Bidder means the organization or person with whom the order is placed and who is contracted to execute the work as detailed in the bid.
Successful Bidder means the Bidder, who, after the complete evaluation process, gets the Letter of Award. The Successful Bidder shall be deemed as “Contractor” appearing anywhere in the document.
Successful Bidder. As defined in Section 7.2(b).
Successful Bidder means the Qualified Bidder whose bid is approved and who is declared as such by the Liquidator at the end of the determined auction process; Capitalized terms used herein but not defined otherwise shall have meaning prescribed to them under the provisions of the IBC and the rules and regulations thereunder.
Successful Bidder means, the Qualified Bidder whose Bid is approved and who is declared successful by the Liquidator at the end of the determined auction phase as per the provision of this E-Auction Process Information Document, provisions of IBC and the Liquidation Process Regulations.
Successful Bidder has the meaning set forth in Section 8.29(d).
Successful Bidder. / ‘L1 bidder’ means the Bidder who is found to be the lowest bidder after conclusion of the bidding process including the reverse auction, if any, subject to compliance to all the Terms and Conditions of the RFP, etc.