Union/Management Meetings Sample Clauses

Union/Management Meetings. ‌ The Union Committee and the Senior Union Official of the Union, or her/his representative, shall, as occasion warrants, meet with the Committee on Labour Relations for the purpose of discussing and negotiating a speedy settlement of any grievance or dispute arising between the Employer and the employee concerned, including possible re-negotiations relative to this Agreement and the Schedules which are a part hereof. However, except for renegotiations of Agreements, these matters shall be introduced to such meetings only after the established grievance procedure has been followed. Grievances of a general nature may be initiated by a member of the Union Committee in step two of the grievance procedure outlined in Article 9.04.
Union/Management Meetings. It is recognized that meetings between the Company and the Union are essential to the maintenance of good relations between Employees and the Employer and the establishment of mutual confidence and trust. To this end, joint meetings will be held on a quarterly basis, or more often as may be agreed between the Company and the Union, between Management and not more than two (2) Union Representatives to promote better communication, mutual respect and understanding, to discuss ways and means of improving working conditions, methods, operating efficiency, maintenance of good morale and to provide for advance discussion of changes affecting the work or working conditions of Employees. Such Union/Management meetings however, will not be considered as being in lieu of the grievance procedure.
Union/Management Meetings. 22.01 The Employer agrees to meet with Representatives of the employees when a request for such a meeting is made by a full-time Union Representative. Such meetings are to occur within two (2) days of the request being made but, in any event, not more than one (1) time per two (2) calendar months, unless the parties agree to meet more often. The person or persons representing the Employer at such meetings are to be management personnel above the level of those management personnel normally supervising the work of the employees. This clause is understood to be separate and apart from the grievance provisions. The purpose of this clause is to facilitate an exchange of views on problems or suggestions to provide for the better functioning of employees in the workplace.
Union/Management Meetings. (a) The committee meeting shall normally be held every second month however, either party may call a meeting of the Joint Labour Management Committee. The meeting shall be held at a time and place fixed by mutual agreement but no later than fourteen (14) calendar days after the initial request, unless mutually agreed. Attendance at meetings of the committee shall be without loss of pay, or at straight time wages.
Union/Management Meetings. The purpose of this article is to establish an orderly procedure for initiating discussions when either party anticipates or desires changes in the working conditions, affecting the employees covered by this agreement. These discussions shall take place sufficiently in advance of intended implementation, to provide the Union time to consider the issues, develop a position, and/or advance alternative proposals. There is hereby established a joint Union/Management Committee.The Committee shall be composed of not more than five (5) representatives designated by the Union, plus not more than two (2) staff members of the Union, the chairperson designated by the President of the College, and members of the college staff, not to exceed the number of Union representatives and staff. Meetings of the Union/Management Committee may be requested by either party and shall be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time, but not later than fifteen (15) working days from the date the request is made. Requests for such meetings shall be made in writing and shall contain subjects for discussion. Such agenda items may be supplemented by additions from the other party. The Employer shall furnish the Union with a copy of the final agenda five (5) working days prior to the date of the meeting when practical. The agenda shall be limited to items which are of a group nature rather than issues of individual interest and concern. Minutes will be taken by a person designated by the chairperson. The minutes shall consist of the topics discussed and disposition of each. Copies of the minutes shall be reviewed and signed jointly by the chairperson and a member of the staff of the Washington Federation of State Employees, AFL- CIO, who participated in the meeting. These minutes shall be available for signature no later than ten (10) working days from such meeting. The disposition of matters covered in the Union/Management meeting shall not contradict, add to, or otherwise modify the terms and conditions of this basic agreement. Neither party shall make unilateral changes in the items of agreement. Nothing in this article shall be construed so as to require the parties to reach agreements, however, agreements reached will be supported by the parties. Matters unresolved by the Union/Management Committee, which meet the definition of a grievance as defined in Article 12, may be submitted for review and resolution at a step under Article 12 - Grievance and Arbitration Procedures, that is mutuall...
Union/Management Meetings. Quarterly meetings shall be held between the union and management. Release time shall be granted for up to two union representatives. Agendas for such meetings shall be set one week in advance between the Business Representative of the Union and the City Manager or their designees. Meetings within department may be held at the discretion of the department head.
Union/Management Meetings. The parties recognize that timely resolution of operational/service issues is in the best interest of employees, the County and the customers we serve. Therefore, the parties agree that employees are required to follow their chain of command (beginning at the lowest level supervisor/manager as appropriate) to resolve operational issues that arise and to make recommendations regarding such operations/services issues. The Union representative and no more than two stewards shall have the opportunity to meet with the department head for Internal Services Department or his/her designee in or around January and July of each year to discuss issues that were not resolved through the normal chain of command and/or make recommendations regarding operations/service issues. If the Union desires to meet, they shall submit an agenda of the issues that they wish to discuss to the department head in advance of the scheduled meeting. The Union or management may schedule additional meetings, by mutual agreement. This language does not preclude employees from seeking remedy through any other lawful avenue.
Union/Management Meetings. It is recognized that meetings, between the Company and the Union are essential to the maintenance of good relations between employee and employer and the establishment of mutual confidence and trust.
Union/Management Meetings. 22.01 The Employer agrees to meet with representatives of the employees when a request for such a meeting is made by a full time Union Representative. Such meetings are to occur within two (2) working days of the request being made but in any event not more often than one time per calendar month.
Union/Management Meetings. 10:01 The Union Committee and the Employer shall meet at a time mutually agreed upon providing there are matters arising out of the Agreement for discussion in which case a meeting will be arranged if one party notifies the other by letter as to the matters for discussion. It is not the intent of this provision to replace or circumvent the complaint or grievance procedure in this Collective Agreement.