Union/Management Meetings Sample Clauses

Union/Management Meetings. ‌ The Union Committee and the Senior Union Official of the Union, or her/his representative, shall, as occasion warrants, meet with the Committee on Labour Relations for the purpose of discussing and negotiating a speedy settlement of any grievance or dispute arising between the Employer and the employee concerned, including possible re-negotiations relative to this Agreement and the Schedules which are a part hereof. However, except for renegotiations of Agreements, these matters shall be introduced to such meetings only after the established grievance procedure has been followed. Grievances of a general nature may be initiated by a member of the Union Committee in step two of the grievance procedure outlined in Article 9.04.
Union/Management Meetings. It is recognized that meetings between the Company and the Union are essential to the maintenance of good relations between Employees and the Employer and the establishment of mutual confidence and trust. To this end, joint meetings will be held on a quarterly basis, or more often as may be agreed between the Company and the Union, between Management and not more than two (2) Union Representatives to promote better communication, mutual respect and understanding, to discuss ways and means of improving working conditions, methods, operating efficiency, maintenance of good morale and to provide for advance discussion of changes affecting the work or working conditions of Employees. Such Union/Management meetings however, will not be considered as being in lieu of the grievance procedure.
Union/Management Meetings. 22.01 The Employer agrees to meet with Representatives of the employees when a request for such a meeting is made by a full-time Union Representative. Such meetings are to occur within two (2) days of the request being made but, in any event, not more than one (1) time per two (2) calendar months, unless the parties agree to meet more often. The person or persons representing the Employer at such meetings are to be management personnel above the level of those management personnel normally supervising the work of the employees. This clause is understood to be separate and apart from the grievance provisions. The purpose of this clause is to facilitate an exchange of views on problems or suggestions to provide for the better functioning of employees in the workplace.
Union/Management Meetings. 22.01 The Employer agrees to meet with representatives of the employees when a request for such a meeting is made by a full time Union Representative. Such meetings are to occur within two (2) working days of the request being made but in any event not more often than one time per calendar month.
Union/Management Meetings. Quarterly meetings shall be held between the union and management. Release time shall be granted for up to two union representatives. Agendas for such meetings shall be set one week in advance between the Business Representative of the union and the City Manager or their designees. Meetings within departments may be held at the discretion of the department head.
Union/Management Meetings. 10:01 The Union Committee and the Employer shall meet at a time mutually agreed upon providing there are matters arising out of the Agreement for discussion in which case a meeting will be arranged if one party notifies the other by letter as to the matters for discussion. It is not the intent of this provision to replace or circumvent the complaint or grievance procedure in this Collective Agreement.
Union/Management Meetings. 10/2/1 There will be only one Local Union-Management meeting for all areas of discussion as set forth below. The frequency of the meetings shall be by mutual agreement. Time and location, shall be determined by the Local Union and Management.
Union/Management Meetings. 9.01 With a view to maintaining harmonious relations and to facilitate administration of this Agreement, the parties agree to hold meetings to discuss any matters of mutual interest, provided that specific grievances as defined in Article 11 shall not be discussed. Such meetings are to be held every two months or with mutual agreement, on a more frequent basis. Such meetings are to be held within a reasonable time after a request by either party.