REWARD Sample Clauses

REWARD. The evaluation of the Employee’s performance will form the basis for rewarding outstanding performance or correcting unacceptable performance; The payment of the performance bonus is determined by the performance score obtained during the 4th quarter and as informed by the quarterly performance assessments; The performance bonus will be awarded based on the following scheme: Performance Rating Performance Bonus Calculation: 00% - 59% 0% of Total package 60% - 66% 5% of Total Package 67% - 68% 6% of Total Package 69% - 70% 7% of Total Package 71% - 72% 8% of Total Package 73% - 74% 9% of Total Package 75% - 76% 10% of Total Package 77% - 78% 11% of Total Package 79% - 80% 12% of Total Package 81% - 84% 13% of Total Package 85% - 100% 14% of Total Package In the event of the Employee terminating his services during the validity period of this Agreement, the Employee’s performance will be evaluated for the portion during which he was employed and he will be entitled to a pro-rata performance bonus based on his evaluated performance for the period of actual service; and The Employer will submit the results of the annual assessment and the scoring report of the Employee, to Council or the delegated authority for purposes of recommending the bonus allocation.
REWARD. 4.1 Members can use their proof of purchase to earn REWARD$ according to the conversion in the table below, unless otherwise stated: Purchase Amount Exchanged for REWARD$ $20 - $39.99 0.40 $40 - $59.99 0.80 $60 - $79.99 1.20 $80 - $99.99 1.60 $100 - $119.99 2.00 $120 - $139.99 2.40 $140 - $159.99 2.80 $160 - $179.99 3.20 $180 - $199.99 3.60 $200 - $219.99 4.00 $220 - $239.99 4.40 $240 - $259.99 4.80 $260 - $279.99 5.20 $280 - $299.99 5.60 >/=$300 6
REWARD. The top three teams will be awarded an amount up to a total of one lakh Rupees along with a certificate of excellence. Participation certificates will be given to all the participants of the main event. Along with the cash prizes, the teams shall have opportunity to earn goodies, mentorship, internship opportunities with our sponsors and collaborators. Taxes The winning amount will be subjected to any existing Central/State/Concurrent laws of India for taxation.Payment of tax and other formalities is the sole responsibility of the participating team. Accommodation Lodging, Cloak room, and food arrangements of the participating teams from 17th- 19th August 2023 will be taken care of by UPES Campus. Travel Hackathon 7.0 shall not be offering re-imbursement on travel.
REWARD. 11.1. In exchange for the fulfillment of all obligations of the Supplier, including the provision of the Services according to this Agreement to the Client’s satisfaction, the Client will pay the Supplier the sum stipulated by the Supplier in the framework of the Price Offer attached as Appendix F to this Agreement, and in accordance with the quantities and units as they were ordered and approved by the Client (hereinafter: “the Reward”). As mentioned above, the unit prices offered by the Supplier in the framework of the Supplier’s Proposal include liability and maintenance in relation to the System and its components, as detailed in the Technical Specification.
REWARD. The employer has the obligation to pay the employee at least the hourly minimum wage. Per August 1, 2001 the system of minimum wages was adapted in such a way that from this date only hourly minimum wages are applicable. For current minimum wages see folder 4: minimum wages. In the new system minimum weekly wages are determined by multiplying the number of hours worked per week by the minimum hourly wage. Monthly wages are calculated by multiplying the hourly minimum wage first by the number of hours worked per week and then by 4.33 (see also the folder on minimum wages).
REWARD. The winning Proposed Solution will be rewarded with the possibility to negotiate a collaboration agreement with the Seeker. The Seeker has no obligation to select a winning Proposed Solution.
REWARD. The salary scales mentioned in 3.2.1. do not apply to field staff because their salary is a combination of fixed and variable salary. Field staff are not entitled to the annual payment. Holiday allowance In addition to the holiday allowance provided for in Article 3.4.1., field staff receive as holiday allowance 8% of the variable income paid out in the previous year.