Assumed Sample Clauses

Assumed. For purposes of this Agreement, a stock option, share of restricted stock, restricted stock unit or performance share shall be considered “Assumed” if all of the following conditions are met:
Assumed. INVESTMENT The investment rate upon which we base variable RATE (AIR) Annuity Payments. L40530-NY01 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DEFINITIONS (CONTINUED) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AUTHORIZED REQUEST A request that is received by the Service Center in good order (that is, in a form that is satisfactory to the Company). BENEFICIARY The designated person(s) or entity(ies) to whom we will pay the death benefit under this contract. You name the Beneficiary(ies) at issue. You may later change the Beneficiary(ies) by Authorized Request as described in the Change of Beneficiary provision of this contract. For jointly owned contracts, the surviving Joint Owner is the sole primary Beneficiary. Spousal Joint Owners may also name contingent Beneficiaries. For tax reasons non-spousal Joint Owners cannot name contingent Beneficiaries. BUSINESS DAY Each day on which the New York Stock Exchange is open for trading, except when an Investment Option does not value its shares. Our Business Day closes when regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange closes, which is usually at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time. We will process any instructions received after the close of any Business Day on the next Business Day. CONTRACT ANNIVERSARY A 12-month anniversary of the Issue Date of this contract.
Assumed. ADP Master Services Agreement HRIS and payroll software ADP Rudy's Barbershop, LLC Assumed Zenoti Subscription Agreement Store POS Zenoti Rudy's Barbershop Holdings Assumed LLC Stripe, Inc. Merchant Service Agreement for Stripe shops Shop office supplies vendor Staples Advantage Website and webstore hosting Shopify, Inc Per location Assumed Staples Advantage Shopify Plus Shipping Easy PayPal Gravity Payments Rudy's Barbershop Rudy's Barbershop Ecommerce payments PayPal, Inc. Merchant service processing for Gravity Payments ecomm Rudy's Barbershop Assumed Assumed Assumed Assumed Assumed WageWorks Assumed eFax Fax service for 206-726-0200 (HQ) eFax Rudy's Barbershop Assumed MapBox InFlow Cloud Kaye Smith GAR labs Vantage Packaging Rogue & Co. Dynamic maps for website Wholesale inventory software Rudy's Barbershop Product sales agreement Rogue & Co Online Sales Agreement Product sales agreement Rogue & Co Rogue & Co Assumed Assumed Assumed Assumed Assumed Assumed Assumed Premera Delta Dental Cascade Centers Vision Service Plan UNUM ADT Security Services - 614 E Pine Security for Capitol Hill location ADT St Seattle WA 98122 ADT Security Services - 6415 Security for Phinney Ridge location ADT Phinney Ave N, Seattle WA 98103 Rudy's Barbershop Assumed Assumed Assumed Assumed Assumed Assumed Assumed ADT Security Services - 8019 Melrose Security for Melrose location ADT Ave, Los Angeles CA 90046 Rudy's Barbershop Assumed ADT Security Services - 5633 N Security for Highland Park location ADT Figueroa St, Los Angeles CA 90042 Rudy's Barbershop Assumed ADT Security Services - 4451 W Security for Silverlake location ADT Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90027 Rudy's Barbershop Assumed ADT Security Services - 3101 Main Security for Main Street location ADT St Santa Monical CA 90405 ADT Security Services - 12238A Security for Studio City location ADT Ventura Blvd, Studio City CA 91604 Rudy's Barbershop Assumed Rudy's Barbershop Assumed ADT Security Services - 650 North Security for Ponce City Market ADT Ave N, Ste 202, Atlanta GA 30308 location Rudy's Barbershop Assumed ADT Security Services - 14 W 29th Security for 29th Street location ADT St New York NY 10001 ADT Security Services - 212 NW 14th Security for Pearl District location ADT (Annual Payment) Ave Portland OR 97209 ADT Security Services - 3005 SE Security for Division location ADT Division St, Portland OR 97202 Rudy's Barbershop Assumed Rudy's Barbershop Assumed Rudy's Barbershop Assumed ADT Security Services - 3956...
Assumed. LIABILITIES ------------------- 4.1 Assumption of Central Liabilities...................................13 --------------------------------- 4.2 Liabilities Not Assumed.............................................13 -----------------------
Assumed. NAMES Borrower does not originate Mortgage Loans or otherwise conduct business under any names other than its legal name and the assumed names set forth on Exhibit G. Borrower has made all filings and taken all other action as may be required under the laws of any jurisdiction in which it originates Mortgage Loans or otherwise conducts business under any assumed name. Borrower's use of the assumed names set forth on Exhibit G does not conflict with any other Person's legal rights to any such name, nor otherwise give rise to any liability by Borrower to any other Person. Borrower may amend Exhibit G to add or delete any assumed names used by Borrower to conduct business. An amendment to Exhibit G to add an assumed name is not effective until Borrower has delivered to Lender an assumed name certificate in the jurisdictions in which the assumed name is to be used, which must be satisfactory in form and content to Lender in its sole discretion. In connection with any amendment to delete a name from Exhibit G, Borrower represents and warrants that it has ceased using that assumed name in all jurisdictions. 6.17. SERVICING Exhibit C is a true and complete list of Borrower's Servicing Portfolio. All of Borrower's Servicing Contracts are in full force and effect, and are unencumbered by Liens other than Liens disclosed in Exhibit C. No default or event that, with notice or lapse of time or both, would become a default, exists under any of Borrower's Servicing Contracts. END OF ARTICLE 6
Assumed. Notwithstanding any such assumption, however, if such a transferee fails to perform any of the obligations thus assumed, the assigning Party shall remain liable for the performance thereof. Subject to the foregoing, this Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the Parties and their respective successors and assigns.
Assumed i. 60 conference calls, with a breakdown of a 42 month project and an average of 1.5 meetings per month ii. 21 additional miscellaneous meetings, with a breakdown of a 42 month project and an average of 1 meeting every other month