Title Insurance definition

Title Insurance means the insuring, guaranteeing, or indemnifying of an owner of real or personal property or the holder of liens or encumbrances on that property, or others interested in the property against loss or damage suffered by reason of liens or encumbrances upon, defects in, or the unmarketability of the title to the property, or invalidity or unenforceability of any liens or encumbrances on the property.
Title Insurance has the meaning set forth in Section 3.5(j).

Examples of Title Insurance in a sentence

  • Title insurance company” means an organization autho- rized to conduct the business of insuring titles to real property in this state.

  • Title insurance premium does not include the underwriting and operating expenses of the title insurance agent that may be charged to the consumer in excess of this risk retained by the insurer regardless of how denominated by the title insurance agent.

  • Title insurance guarantees that the seller has legal and title to the property.

  • Title insurance is the means by which the title insurance company a person who acquires an interest in real estate against a monetary loss caused by an encumbrance on title.

More Definitions of Title Insurance

Title Insurance means the loan policy or policies of title insurance issued to Administrative Agent for the benefit of Lenders by the Title Company, in an amount equal to the maximum principal amount of the Loan, insuring the validity and priority of the Mortgage encumbering the Land and Improvements for the benefit of Administrative Agent and Lenders.
Title Insurance means insurance of the owners of real property and other persons lawfully interested in the title insurance against loss by reason of defective titles and undisclosed liens and encumbrances affecting the property.
Title Insurance means a title insurance policy(s) or an acceptable marked-up commitment therefor issued by Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, in the aggregate amount of the Loan insuring (a) the Trustee (for the benefit of the Owners of the Series A-1 Bonds) as the holder of a valid first priority lien in regard to the Senior Bonds and (b) the Trustee (for the proportionate benefit of the Owners of the Series A-2 Bonds) a valid subordinate second lien in regard to the Subordinate Bonds, each covering the Project as created under the Mortgage, and reflecting that the Borrower holds fee simple title to the Project.
Title Insurance means insuring, guaranteeing,
Title Insurance means insuring, guaranteeing, or indemnifying owners of real property or others interested in real property against loss or damage suffered by reason of liens or encumbrances upon, defect in, or the unmarketability of the title to the real property, guaranteeing, warranting, or otherwise insuring by a title insurance company the correctness of searches relating to the title to real property, or doing any business in substance equivalent to any of the foregoing.