At Close of Escrow Sample Clauses

At Close of Escrow. Buyer shall assume and agree to perform all obligations of Seller as owner arising from and after Close of Escrow under any Operation and Maintenance Agreement, site management plan, deed restrictions or other orders or agreements relating to the environmental conditions on the Property or the presence of Hazardous Materials in, on, under or about the Property, including (but not limited to) the provision of any financial assurances required under any such agreements, plans, restrictions or orders, and shall indemnify and hold Seller harmless from and against all such obligations. Concurrently with such assumption, Buyer and Seller shall cooperate diligently and in good faith to endeavor to obtain, from the applicable governmental authorities, Seller’s express release from all further obligations under all such agreements, plans, restrictions and orders assumed by Buyer.
At Close of Escrow. Buyer shall receive a grant deed conveying title, including oil, mineral and water rights, if currently owned by Seller, Title shall be subject to all matters which are of record or disclosed to Buyer prior to Close Of Escrow, and not disapproved by Buyer. However, title shall not be subject to any liens against the Property, except for those specified in this Agreement. Title shall vest as designated in Buyer's escrow instructions.
At Close of Escrow. Buyer shall deliver to Escrow Agent the following:
At Close of Escrow. Seller will reserve from the Purchase Property a non- exclusive easement for ingress and egress and through traffic, over and across a portion of the Purchase Property, as set forth in the Grant Deed, until the ultimate Watkins Gate Road is built in its final configuration and fully accepted as a County road by the County of Monterey or any subsequent jurisdiction. Buyer understands that the County of Monterey will utilize this easement on an as needed basis.

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  • Close of Escrow Upon satisfaction or completion of the foregoing conditions and deliveries, the parties shall direct the Escrow Agent to immediately record and deliver the documents described above to the appropriate parties and make disbursements according to the closing statements executed by Seller and Purchaser.

  • At Closing Borrower shall execute and deliver to Lender a promissory note evidencing Borrower's unconditional obligation to repay Lender for Revolving Credit Loans, advances, and other extensions of credit made under the Loan, in the form of Exhibit A to this Agreement (the "Note"), dated the date hereof, payable to the order of Lender in accordance with the terms thereof. The Note shall bear interest from the date thereof until repaid, with interest payable monthly in arrears on the first Business Day of each month, at a rate per annum (on the basis of the actual number of days elapsed over a year of 360 days) equal to the Base Rate, provided that after an Event of Default such rate shall be equal to the Default Rate. Each Revolving Credit Loan, advance and other extension of credit shall be deemed evidenced by the Note, which is deemed incorporated by reference herein and made a part hereof.

  • Deliveries by Buyer at Closing At the Closing, Buyer shall deliver or cause to be delivered to Seller the following:

  • Delivery at Closing At the Closing, the Company will deliver to the Purchaser a stock certificate registered in the Purchaser’s name, representing the number of Shares to be purchased by Purchaser hereunder, against payment of the purchase price therefore as indicated above.

  • Seller’s Deliveries at Closing At the Closing, Seller will deliver or cause to be delivered to Buyer:

  • Delivery of Escrow Funds Upon confirmation by Escrow Agent that the following conditions have been satisfied, Escrow Agent shall disburse the Escrow Funds to Recipient in connection with the closing of the purchase of the Property or other interest therein:

  • Escrow Holder Seller and Buyer covenant and agree that in performing any of its duties under this Agreement, Title Company shall not be liable for any loss, costs or damage which it may incur as a result of serving as Escrow Holder hereunder, except for any loss, costs or damage arising out of its willful default or gross negligence. Accordingly, Title Company shall not incur any liability with respect to (i) any action taken or omitted to be taken in good faith upon advice of its counsel given with respect to any questions relating to its duties and responsibilities, or (ii) to any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance upon any document, including any written notice of instruction provided for in this Agreement, not only as to its due execution and the validity and effectiveness of its provisions, but also to the truth and accuracy of any information contained therein, which Title Company shall in good faith believe to be genuine, to have been signed or presented by a proper person or persons and to conform with the provisions of this Agreement.

  • Buyer’s Deliveries at Closing On or before the Closing Date, Buyer shall deliver to Escrow Holder the Purchase Price for the Property as provided in Section 2. On or prior to the Closing Date, Buyer shall deliver to Escrow Holder two (2) duly executed counterparts of the Assignment of Leases, Assignment of Contracts and the Closing Statement and such other documents as the Title Company may reasonably require including evidence confirming the due authorization, execution and delivery of this Agreement and the other documents to be executed in connection herewith by Buyer.

  • Escrow Closing At the election of Selling Lessor or Lessee upon notice to the other party not less than five (5) days prior to the Closing, this sale shall be closed through an escrow with the Title Company, in accordance with the general provisions of the usual form of Deed and Money Escrow Agreement then is use by said company, with such special provisions inserted in the escrow agreement as may be required to conform with this agreement. Upon the creation of such an escrow, anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, paying of the purchase price and delivery of the deed shall be made through the escrow. The cost of the escrow shall be divided equally between the Selling Lessor and Lessee. If for any reason other than Lessee's default, the transaction fails to close, the Earnest Money shall be returned to Lessee forthwith.

  • Payment at Closing The Borrower shall have paid (A) to the Administrative Agent, the Arrangers and the Lenders the fees set forth or referenced in Section 4.3 and any other accrued and unpaid fees or commissions due hereunder, (B) all reasonable fees, charges and disbursements of counsel to the Administrative Agent (directly to such counsel if requested by the Administrative Agent) to the extent accrued and unpaid prior to or on the Closing Date, plus such additional amounts of such reasonable fees, charges and disbursements as shall constitute its reasonable estimate of such fees, charges and disbursements incurred or to be incurred by it through the closing proceedings (provided that such estimate shall not thereafter preclude a final settling of accounts between the Borrower and the Administrative Agent) and (C) to any other Person such amount as may be due thereto in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby, including all taxes, fees and other charges in connection with the execution, delivery, recording, filing and registration of any of the Loan Documents.