Wind energy definition

Wind energy means wind used as the sole source of energy to produce electricity.
Wind energy means electricity generated by a turbine or machine that:
Wind energy means electrical or mechanical power that is generated through a system that employs the kinetic energy in the wind.

Examples of Wind energy in a sentence

  • Wind energy : Introduction, scope and significance, measurement of wind velocty by anemometer, general principle of wind mill.

  • Wind energy production potential and the viability of wind as a source of commercial energy generation in this state.

  • As provided in section 5 of 1846 RS 1, MCL 8.5, this act is severable."460.1143 Wind energy resource zone board; membership.Sec.

  • As provided in section 5 of 1846 RS 1, MCL 8.5, this act is severable."460.1145 Wind energy resource zone board; powers, duties, and decision-making authority; report.Sec.

  • Wind energy facilities represent significant potential aesthetic impacts because of their size, lighting, and shadow flicker effects, if not properly sited.

More Definitions of Wind energy

Wind energy means energy from the wind that is converted to produce electrical energy;
Wind energy means the energy that can be derived from a moving mass of air through processes such as reaction and impulse.
Wind energy means energy available from the movement of the wind across a landscape caused by the heating of the atmosphere, earth, and oceans by the sun.
Wind energy means the conversion of kinetic energy in the wind into electrical energy, or electricity, by the Wind Energy Facilities.
Wind energy means the natural occurring energy of the wind either directly as in windmills or to generate electricity.
Wind energy means power generated from air flow.
Wind energy means the energy of motion harnessed or captured by a wind turbine.