Existing Loan definition

Existing Loan means the loan identified on Exhibit H.
Existing Loan shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 2.7.1.
Existing Loan shall have the meaning attributed to such term in the recitals to this Agreement.

Examples of Existing Loan in a sentence

  • This Agreement and the other Loan Documents constitute the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the Loan and supersede all prior agreements and understandings; it being expressly understood and agreed that this Agreement is a complete amendment and restatement of the Existing Loan Agreement, the terms and conditions of which have been superseded and replaced in their entirety by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  • If an existing loan is not to be released at Closing, Seller must deliver copies of the loan 191 documents (including note, deed of trust and any modifications) to Buyer by Existing Loan Deadline.

  • The parties hereto agree that this Agreement is given as a continuation, modification and extension of the Existing Loan Agreement and shall not constitute a novation of the Existing Loan Agreement.

  • However, the following indicative terms are currently anticipated: Currency: EUR; Amount: an increase of up to EUR 14million, resulting in a total cumulative loan amount (including the Existing Loan )of up to EUR 38.2 million; Maturity: up to 15 years; Commitment Period: 3 years from the date of signing of the Loan Increase Agreement to be entered into between the City and the Bank.

  • Buyer has the Right to 193 Terminate under § 25.1, on or before Existing Loan Termination Deadline, based on any unsatisfactory provision of such loan 194 documents, in Xxxxx’s sole subjective discretion.

More Definitions of Existing Loan

Existing Loan means each mortgage or mezzanine loan secured by a Property listed on Appendix C to this Schedule II.
Existing Loan means (i) each mortgage or mezzanine loan secured by a Target Asset listed on Appendix C to this Schedule II and (ii) all unsecured indebtedness of an American Assets Entity or of an entity in which an American Assets Entity has a direct or indirect interest that will be assumed, prepaid, repaid or refinanced in connection with the IPO and that is set forth on Appendix D to this Schedule II (all indebtedness falling within the scope of this clause (ii) shall be referred to as “Entity Specific Debt”); for the avoidance of doubt, no Intercompany Debt shall constitute an Existing Loan (in order to avoid double counting, as Intercompany Debt is adjusted for through the definition ofAllocated Share”). Existing Entity Specific Debt will be deemed to relate to the Target Asset(s) and, if to multiple Target Assets, in the proportions set forth opposite the name of such Entity Specific Debt on Appendix D to this Schedule II, and all such Entity Specific Debt will be deemed to have a Base Balance of zero (because “Equity Percentage” as determined by Duff & Xxxxxx, LLC was determined at the property level and did not take into account Entity Specific Debt, Entity Specific Debt is deemed to be zero in order to cause a readjustment of “Equity Value” of all Target Assets after taking into account such Entity Specific Debt).
Existing Loan means a Loan (as defined in the Existing Credit Agreement).
Existing Loan as defined in subsection 2.6(a).
Existing Loan has the meaning specified in Section 1.10(b).
Existing Loan means any “Loan” under and as defined in the Existing 364-Day Credit Agreement.