Actual Sample Clauses

Actual. A. Revenue (calculated in accordance with GAAP) from Borrower’s EndeavorRx product $_____ Is line A equal to or greater than the amount set forth above? _____ No, not in compliance _____ Yes, in compliance _____ N/A* * Not tested for any Tested Quarter (a) with respect to which Borrower maintained the Minimum Cash Balance at all times during the period commencing on the first day of such Tested Quarter through and including the date that is 30 days after the last day of such Tested Quarter, or (b) ending prior to the Funding Date of the first Term B Loan Advance. EXHIBIT C LOAN PAYMENT/ADVANCE REQUEST FORM DEADLINE FOR SAME DAY PROCESSING IS 1:00 P.M. EASTERN TIME Fax To: Date: ______________ LOAN PAYMENT: XXXXX INTERACTIVE LABS, INC. From Account # To Account # (Deposit Account #) (Loan Account #) Principal $ and/or Interest $ Authorized Signature: Phone Number: Print Name/Title: LOAN ADVANCE: Complete Outgoing Wire Request section below if all or a portion of the funds from this loan advance are for an outgoing wire. From Account # To Account # (Loan Account #) (Deposit Account #) Amount of Term Loan Advance $ All Borrower’s representations and warranties in the Amended and Restated Loan and Security Agreement are true, correct and complete in all material respects on the date of the request for an advance; provided, however, that such materiality qualifier shall not be applicable to any representations and warranties that already are qualified or modified by materiality in the text thereof; and provided, further that those representations and warranties expressly referring to a specific date shall be true, accurate and complete in all material respects as of such date. Authorized Signature: Phone Number: Print Name/Title: OUTGOING WIRE REQUEST: Complete only if all or a portion of funds from the loan advance above is to be wired. Deadline for same day processing is 1:00 pm, Eastern Time Beneficiary Name: Amount of Wire: $ Beneficiary Bank: Account Number: City and State: Beneficiary Bank Transit (ABA) #: Beneficiary Bank Code (Swift, Sort, Chip, etc.): (For international Wire Only) _____________ Intermediary Bank: Transit (ABA) #: For Further Credit to: Special Instruction: By signing below, I (we) acknowledge and agree that my (our) funds transfer request shall be processed in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the agreements(s) covering funds transfer service(s), which agreements(s) were previously received and execut...
Actual. A Flight Attendant whose flying schedule is involuntarily reduced to less than one (1) day off in seven (7), may contact Inflight Scheduling at once for rescheduling . In the case of “1 in 7” problems due to schedule selection, the Flight Attendant should contact Inflight Scheduling prior to the first day of the schedule month for rescheduling . Failure to do this will result in waiving the “1 in 7” Rule . If it is necessary for a Flight Attendant to drop a pairing because of the “1 in 7” Rule, preference as to which pairing is to be dropped will be subject to the concurrence of the Flight Attendant and Inflight Scheduling . In the event of failure to reach agreement, the pairing to be dropped will be subject to the approval of the Crew Resource Manager/designee .
Actual. A. Borrower's unrestricted cash, unrestricted Cash Equivalents, and unrestricted short term marketable securities held with Financial Institutions in the United States of America $
Actual. A. Unrestricted cash and Cash Equivalents and short and long-term investments (with the exception of auction rate securities) $ B. 10% of Eligible Accounts $ C. Liquidity (line A plus line B) $
Actual. A. Borrower’s unrestricted cash not subject to any Lien securing Indebtedness $
Actual. 5. Please provide actual total investments by source as a result of the Project:
Actual. (1) Qualitative effects 1)-a) Stabilization of electrical supply As Tables 2.5 and 2.6 show, the completion of the Palinpinon II Geothermal Project created a new supply of 80MW of electricity in the Visayas region, thus diversifying sources of electricity and improving the electrical grid. 【Table 2.5 Actual Results of Changes for Facility Capacity】 Visayas 1987 1994 1995 MW Composite (%) MW MW Composite (%) Hydraulic 2 0.3 7 0.8 Geothermal 234 38.9 268 308 33.2 Thermal-coal 105 17.5 160 160 17.3 Thermal Note)-oil 260 43.3 427 452 48.8 Other 0 0.0 Total 601 100.0 862 927 100.0 Note: Including diesel Source: 1995 NPC Annual Report 【Table 2.6 Actual Results of Changes for Electric Power Consumption】 Visayas 1987 1994 1995 GWh Composite (%) GWh GWh Composite (%) Hydralic 9 0.5 9 10 0.3 Geothermal 806 47.6 1,464 1,782 52.7 Theermal - coal 78 4.6 523 591 17.5 Thermal- oil 800 47.3 1,032 997 29.5 Total 1,693 100.0 3,028 3,380 100.0 Source: 1995 NPC Annual Report