Estimating Sample Clauses

Estimating. The cost of estimating services which may be required to determine the Design Phase Fee and during the Construction Phase in locations other than the Project Site.
Estimating. Prepare a complete, detailed estimate of the Stipulated Sum or GMP. Reconcile its estimate with those of Owner or Owner’s cost consultants.
Estimating. 1.7.1 In order to facilitate the usefulness and reliability of the A/E’s and the Contractor’s respective estimating deliverables, (1) before the start of estimating, the A/E and the Contractor shall reach agreement on a common estimating protocol and deliverable format for the Project, but (2) the A/E shall otherwise complete its estimating Services independent of the Contractor’s estimating services.
Estimating. To facilitate the usefulness and reliability of the A/E’s and CM’s respective estimating deliverables,
Estimating. AG will provide an estimate based on dimensions provided by the Customer. AG will use the estimate to determine an approximate amount of payment between AG and the Customer. AG will also use the approximate amount to establish a deposit amount (50% of the estimated amount, which both parties agree to) due before templating. ESTIMATES AMOUNTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
Estimating. 4.9.1 The Service Provider accepts that it will work with the Customer to improve the estimating of projects over the Term as reasonably requested by the Customer. Significant changes in the estimating process or requirements may result in a change to this Annex via the Contract Change Control Procedure.
Estimating. On or before the times indicated in the Release, Contractor shall prepare and update, in a form acceptable to Owner, estimates of the Cost of the Work for a Project. Contractor’s initial estimate shall include cost evaluations of alternate materials and systems. All estimates shall include a written statement of its basis, including a list of Allowances and assumptions, in terms of quantity, quality and cost, made by Contractor in preparing its estimate.