Date of Determination Sample Clauses

Date of Determination. Any amount payable as contribution under this Contribution Agreement shall be determined as of the date on which the related payment is made by a Funding Loan Party.
Date of Determination. For purposes of Section 4.1 and 4.2, the date as of which the number of shares shall be adjusted shall be the earlier of the date upon which the Company shall (1) enter into a firm contract for the issuance of shares of Common Stock, rights or other options or Convertible Securities, as the case may be, or (2) issue such shares of Common Stock, rights or other options or Convertible Securities, as the case may be.
Date of Determination. Maximum Leverage Ratio April 3, 2004 3.65 to 1.0 May 1, 2004 3.50 to 1.0 May 29, 2004 3.25 to 1.0 July 3, 2004 3.25 to 1.0 October 2, 2004 3.00 to 1.0 January 1, 2005 2.90 to 1.0 April 2, 2005 2.75 to 1.0 July 2, 2005 2.75 to 1.0 As of the last day of each fiscal quarter ending thereafter 2.50 to 1.0 * Consolidated EBITDA shall be calculated for the period of twelve fiscal months ending on such date, and for determination dates prior to the period ending January 1, 2005, Consolidated EBITDA shall be calculated for the fiscal year-to-date period and annualized by multiplying such amount by a fraction, the numerator of which is twelve and the denominator of which is the number of months elapsed from the beginning of the fiscal year through the date of determination. Minimum Consolidated Tangible Net Worth Section 6.26.3 As of the Fiscal Quarter Ended [ ] Consolidated Tangible Net Worth $ Minimum:
Date of Determination. The designated Beneficiary for distributions made during the Participant’s lifetime will be determined as of the Participant’s Required Beginning Date. The designated Beneficiary for distributions under the Plan after a Participant’s death will be determined as of the date of the Participant’s death. Solely for purposes of Section 6.12(c), the designated Beneficiary of a surviving spouse shall be determined as of the date of death of the surviving spouse.
Date of Determination. The fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth and twenty-fifth anniversaries of the commencement date.
Date of Determination. The date of determination of the Put Purchase Price, First Call Option Price and Second Call Option Price shall be the date of delivery of the Put Option Exercise Notice, the First Call Option Exercise Notice or the Second Call Option Exercise Notice, as the case may be.
Date of Determination. On and after the fifth anniversary of the Cut-off Date, the Fraud Loss Amount shall be zero.

Related to Date of Determination

  • Method of Determination A determination (if required by applicable law) with respect to Indemnitee’s entitlement to indemnification shall be made as follows:

  • Interest Determination Dates The interest rate applicable to a Floating Rate Note for an Interest Reset Period commencing on the related Interest Reset Date will be determined by reference to the applicable Interest Rate Basis as of the particular “Interest Determination Date”, which will be: (1) with respect to the Federal Funds Open Rate—the related Interest Reset Date; (2) with respect to the Commercial Paper Rate, the Federal Funds Rate and the Prime Rate—the Business Day immediately preceding the related Interest Reset Date; (3) with respect to the CD Rate and the CMT Rate—the second Business Day preceding the related Interest Reset Date; (4) with respect to the Constant Maturity Swap Rate—the second U.S. Government Securities business day preceding the related Interest Reset Date, provided, however, that if after attempting to determine the Constant Maturity Swap Rate, such rate is not determinable for a particular Interest Determination Date, then such Interest Determination Date shall be the first U.S. Government Securities business day preceding the original interest determination date for which the Constant Maturity Swap Rate can be determined; (5) with respect to LIBOR—the second London Banking Day (as defined below) preceding the related Interest Reset Date; and (6) with respect to the Treasury Rate—the day of the week in which the related Interest Reset Date falls on which day Treasury Bills (as defined below) are normally auctioned (i.e., Treasury Bills are normally sold at auction on Monday of each week, unless that day is a legal holiday, in which case the auction is normally held on the following Tuesday, except that the auction may be held on the preceding Friday); provided, however, that if an auction is held on the Friday of the week preceding the related Interest Reset Date, the Interest Determination Date will be the preceding Friday. The Interest Determination Date pertaining to a Floating Rate Note, the interest rate of which is determined with reference to two or more Interest Rate Bases, will be the latest Business Day which is at least two Business Days before the related Interest Reset Date for the applicable Floating Rate Note on which each Interest Reset Basis is determinable. “London Banking Day” means a day on which commercial banks are open for business (including dealings in the LIBOR Currency) in London.

  • Termination Date Determination Seller will not designate the Termination Date (as defined in the Receivables Sale Agreement), or send any written notice to Originator in respect thereof, without the prior written consent of the Agent, except with respect to the occurrence of such Termination Date arising pursuant to Section 5.1(d) of the Receivables Sale Agreement.

  • Company Determination Final Any determination that the Company or the Board of Directors must make pursuant to this Article is conclusive.

  • Interest Rate Determination (a) Each Reference Bank agrees to furnish to the Agent timely information for the purpose of determining each Eurodollar Rate and each LIBO Rate. If any one or more of the Reference Banks shall not furnish such timely information to the Agent for the purpose of determining any such interest rate, the Agent shall determine such interest rate on the basis of timely information furnished by the remaining Reference Banks. The Agent shall give prompt notice to the Borrower and the Lenders of the applicable interest rate determined by the Agent for purposes of Section 2.07(a)(i) or (ii), and the rate, if any, furnished by each Reference Bank for the purpose of determining the interest rate under Section 2.07(a)(ii).

  • Date of Conversion 2. Shares To Be Delivered: _______________________ By:_______________________________ Name:_____________________________ Title:______________________________ EXHIBIT B CONVERSION NOTICE (To be executed by the Holder in order to convert all or part of a Monthly Amount into Common Stock) [Name and Address of Holder] Holder hereby converts $_________ of the Monthly Amount due on [specify applicable Repayment Date] under the Convertible Term Note issued by SYNERGY BRANDS INC. dated January __, 2005 by delivery of Shares of Common Stock of SYNERGY BRANDS INC. on and subject to the conditions set forth in Article III of such Note.

  • Underwriting Compensation Determination and Cap The maximum amounts set forth in clauses (a) and (c) above are considered underwriting compensation pursuant to FINRA Rule 5110. A portion of the amounts payable by Masterworks pursuant to clause (b) above along with any amounts paid or payable by Masterworks or Client or any of their respective affiliates to ((or benefits paid in respect of) any related person of the Co-Managers is generally deemed to be underwriting compensation. Any such amounts shall be allocated to the Offering and other related offerings in a manner deemed to be reasonable and appropriate by each of the Co-Managers, consistent with FINRA rules and regulations to determine underwriting compensation relating to the Offering. To the extent such allocation would be determined to result in maximum underwriting compensation being equal to or in excess of 10% of the aggregate gross offering proceeds, the Parties will adjust the provisions of this Agreement or the Client will adjust the terms of employment of persons affiliated with either of the Co-Managers in such manner as is reasonable and necessary to ensure that aggregate underwriting compensation does not equal or exceed 10% of the aggregate gross offering proceeds. The total amount of all items of compensation from any source payable to underwriters, broker-dealers, or affiliates thereof will not exceed ten percent (10%) of the gross proceeds of the offering.

  • Conversion Date The "Conversion Date" is a Switch or frame conversion planned day of cut-over to the replacement frame(s) or Switch. The actual conversion time typically is set for midnight of the Conversion Date. This may cause the actual Conversion Date to migrate into the early hours of the day after the planned Conversion Date.

  • Determination references to “determination” of or by the Agent or the Lenders shall be deemed to include good-faith estimates by the Agent or the Lenders (in the case of quantitative determinations) and good-faith beliefs by the Agent or the Lenders (in the case of qualitative determinations) and such determination shall be conclusive absent manifest error;

  • Measurement Period An employee’s status as full-time or part-time shall be determined on the basis of the employee’s average weekly hours during the fifty- two-week measurement period ending on the date in October 2014 and in each succeeding year as specified by the Employer’s Corporate Benefits Department. No employee shall fail to be classified as full-time due to time spent on FMLA, or Military (USERRA) leave. Employees who have been employed for less than one year as of the measurement date shall be classified as full-time or part-time in accordance with the procedures used by the Employer to classify partial-year employees under the Standard Benefits Plans.