Flight Attendant definition

Flight Attendant means an employee of the Company whose duties consist of performing or assisting in the performance of cabin service, standby duty, ground service, which may include picking up and tidying the aircraft, customer service duties at the airport, and related duties, as defined by the Company Policies and FAA regulations, in a resourceful and gracious manner. These duties include responsibility for applying these services for the welfare, comfort, and safety of customers. Whenever the term “Flight Attendant” is used, it will include the male and female gender.

Examples of Flight Attendant in a sentence

  • A Flight Attendant who is drafted will be paid one hundred fifty percent (150%) of her/his hourly rate of pay for the greater of the scheduled or the actual flight time, paid above the monthly guarantee.

  • To be eligible to bid a line, a Flight Attendant must be qualified and current within the first forty-eight (48) hours of the bidding window.

  • Drafting may be utilized to protect the integrity of the operation, a Lineholder Flight Attendant may be given a mandatory assignment from Open Time on a day off or completing her/his last scheduled segment of a trip before going off duty.

  • Incentive Pay Rates A Flight Attendant will be paid the following incentive pay rates for all block hours flown in excess of ninety-five (95) hours per bid period, including deadhead.

  • A Flight Attendant may elect to split her/his vacation periods of not less than seven (7) days each, with each period no fewer than seven (7) consecutive days.

More Definitions of Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant. Means a crew member, other than a flight crew member, who has been assigned duties to be performed in the interest of the passengers in a passenger- carrying aircraft.
Flight Attendant means an employee of the Company whose name appears on the Flight Attendant seniority list and whose duties, as a crewmember, include ensuring the safety of passengers, and the performance of Inflight service duties as assigned by the Company.
Flight Attendant means an employee whose duties consist of performing or assisting in the performance of all cabin safety related functions, all en route cabin service or ground cabin service to delayed or canceled passengers in a resourceful manner, and shall include responsibility to apply these services for the safety, welfare, and comfort of passengers. A Flight Attendant may, from time to time, be requested to participate in publicity and promotional assignments. Such participation shall be on a voluntary basis.
Flight Attendant means an employee qualified under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and Company policies whose name appears on the Company Flight Attendant System Seniority List and whose duties include cabin safety and the performance of inflight service(s).
Flight Attendant means an employee of Hawaiian Airlines, Inc., whose duties consist of performing all enroute and ground cabin service on board the aircraft to Hawaiian Airlines' passengers, and includes the responsibility for the welfare and safety of passengers in accordance with Company standards and as required by law.
Flight Attendant means an individual who is responsible for performing or assisting in the performance of all cabin passenger service, cabin safety, cabin preparation duties and/or duties related thereto in accordance with Company policies, procedures, and applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, and whose name appears on the Flight Attendant Seniority List.