Definition of Telematics Services

Telematics Services means the processing and delivery of data with respect to Cargo Containers in the United States of America, Canada, Mexico or Europe, which data are obtained either directly from Telematics Equipment affixed to such Cargo Containers or indirectly from applications software which obtained such data from Telematics Equipment, for the purpose of tracking the movements and positions of such Cargo Containers, monitoring the security, temperature or condition of such Cargo Containers, controlling the operation of such Cargo Containers, or optimizing the fleet utilization of such Cargo Containers.
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Examples of Telematics Services in a sentence

DCC shall *** advertise the availability of the Telematics Services in Enabled Vehicles and to market the Telematics Services in a manner consistent with DCCs marketing of other key features.
Except for the requirement to comply with Section 10, Section 19 and Section 46, nothing herein shall preclude HTIs right to develop and launch marketing plans for Telematics Services or Approved Other Telematics Services independent of MBUSA marketing programs.
In the event of a Force Majeure Event resulting from any acts or decree of any Governmental Entity, that requires changes to the Telematics Services or Approved Other Telematics Services, the Parties agree to negotiate in good faith to modify Exhibit A-1 and Exhibit A-2 as necessitated thereby pursuant to Section 2(g).
Additionally, MBUSA and HTI shall cooperate with respect to the inclusion in such advertisements, with HTIs approval, of descriptions of Approved Other Telematics Services.
ATX Telematics Services Agreement has the meaning set forth in Exhibit O.