Outreach Services definition

Outreach Services has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.1(F)(5) hereof and Exhibit B hereto.
Outreach Services means services authorised under Paragraphs 2.38 to 2.40;
Outreach Services means services authorised under Paragraphs 2.39 to 2.41;

Examples of Outreach Services in a sentence

  • Outreach services should coordinate a comprehensive set of strategies, spanning the homeless crisis response system, other systems of care, and mainstream resources as appropriate for the underserved population.

  • Outreach services for individuals are designed to: encourage, educate, and engage prospective individuals who show an indication of substance abuse and mental health problems or needs.Individual enrollment is not included in Outreach services.2. Programs – Community Mental Health and Community Substance Abuse.3. Measurement Standard – Non-Direct Staff Hour, as defined in subparagraph(3)(a)2.

  • Participation in Youth Outreach services is not mandatory; however, young adults must agree to a check-in with Youth Outreach Plus every 3- or 6-months following enrollment in Path.

  • Eligibility for services determination for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Financial Empowerment Community Outreach services shall follow guidelines established by other funders and/or the SERVICE PROVIDER and do not fall under CSBG requirements.

  • Description – Outreach services are provided through a formal program to both individuals and the community.

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Outreach Services means those activities performed by an
Outreach Services means services authorised under Paragraphs 2.35 to 2.37;
Outreach Services means those activities performed by an affiliate to either assess the technical assistance needs of Washington manufacturers or increase manufacturers' awareness of the opportunities and benefits of implementing cutting edge technology, techniques, and best practices. "Outreach services" includes but is not limited to salaries of outreach staff, needs assessments, client follow-up, public educational events, manufacturing orientated trade shows, electronic communications, newsletters, advertising, direct mail efforts, and contacting business organizations for names of manufacturers who might need assistance.
Outreach Services means off-campus statewide supplemental ser- vices provided by the Idaho bureau of educational services for the deaf and the blind to school districts, students and families.
Outreach Services means the planning, coordination, arrangement, mobilization, and management of essential services for vulnerable and elder adults pursuant to this Article. Outreach services may be provided to a vulnerable or elder adult with the adult’s consent if the adult has been abused, neglected, or exploited or is at substantial risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
Outreach Services. Continuing Education (CE) Workshops: Consumer Health Reference The Mohawk Valley Library System invited all UHLS member library staff to attend two excellent workshops facilitated by the National Library of Medicine on 10/5: “Beyond an Apple a Day” and “Engaged for Health.” In addition, the Albany Medical Center library rolled out a grant-funded program to increase consumer health information in our communities by offering for-credit workshops toward the Medical Library Association’s Consumer Health Information Specialization at five UHLS libraries: Albany, Berne, Guilderland, Xxxx, and Voorheesville. Continuing Education (CE) Workshops: High Interest/Low Literacy Book Discussions On 10/19, the Southern Adirondack Library System partnered with the WSWHE (Washington- Saratoga-Xxxxxx-Xxxxxxxx-Essex) BOCES to offer a CE to all three public library systems on developing book discussions for adults with low literacy. From UHLS, two librarians from Albany Public Library were in attendance. The workshop covered reading research, improving comprehension, group structure, selecting appropriate materials, working with adults, and marketing. Cornell Cooperative Extension, Rensselaer County (CCE-RensCo) Centennial Celebration I had the pleasure of representing UHLS at the CCE-RensCo 100th Anniversary Open House on 10/13, and I was greeted by so many staff members and volunteers who stated how much they love working with UHLS member libraries and truly value our partnerships, including facilitating numerous Adult Literacy Grant workshops in the past year. CCE-Rensco even presented us with a lovely appreciation certificate, and I look forward to continuing our work with them during their second century! Digital Services: OverDrive Quarterly Reports All directors received third quarter OverDrive reports on 10/6. My thanks as always to Xxxx Xxxxxx for her excellent work on these return-on-investment reports! Digital circulation continues to grow this year—some takeaways from the third quarter: • Twenty-six libraries increased their digital circulation over the first three quarters of 2016. • For the second quarter in a row, six locations have more than doubled their 2016 digital circulation numbers. • Digital audiobooks made up 47% of total audiobook circulation system-wide through the end of the third quarter. Twenty locations circulated more digital audiobooks than physical audiobooks. • Among the locations that circulate print magazines, digital magazines made up 48% o...
Outreach Services means certain contracts and subcontracts for outreach services services involving identifying information. These are contracts or subcontracts where the contractor or subcontractor collects, uses, or discloses identifying information (except for routine business contact information) on behalf of the City for projects designed to help clients of other City agencies or offices (or members of the public) access information about City services, resources, or events through any means. This designation does not include agency contracts with a vendor to perform outreach services to the agency’s own clients.