Definition of Team

Team means two or more persons, one of whom must be an associate real estate broker or real estate salesperson, associated with the same real estate brokerage who hold themselves out or operate as a team.

Team or "Teams" means all intercollegiate athletic teams associated with KSU.

Team means the Boise State University Broncos intercollegiate football team. In witness whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands on the date below noted: UNIVERSITY COACH Robert Kustra, President Date Bryan Harsin Date Approved by the Board on the _____ day of _________________, 201__. ATTACHMENT 3 BAHR - SECTION I TAB 1 Page 62 THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK ATTACHMENT 4 BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY Football APR History and National Percentile Rank 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 Football 985 980 973 991 968* National % Rank by Sport 90-100 90-100 70-80 80-90 * * for release May 2017 Football 993 988 981 982 979* SINGLE YEAR NCAA ACADEMIC PROGRESS RATE (APR) SCORES MULTI-YEAR (4-Year Rolling Average) REPORT YEAR Raw Score for single year Percentile Rank for Sport BAHR - SECTION I TAB 1 Page 63 ATTACHMENT 5 Coach Bryan Harsin Maximum Compensation Calculation - 2017-2022 Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3 Yr 4 Yr 5 3.1.1a Annual Base Salary 1,350,000.00$ 1,450,000.00$ 1,550,000.00$ 1,650,000.00$ 1,750,000.00$ 3.2.1 Additional Pay based on Performance Category 1 50,000.00$ 50,000.00$ 50,000.00$ 50,000.00$ 50,000.00$ 3.2.1 Additional Pay based on Performance Category 2 125,000.00$ 125,000.00$ 125,000.00$ 125,000.00$ 125,000.00$ 3.2.1 Additional Pay based on Performance Category 3 250,000.00$ 250,000.00$ 250,000.00$ 250,000.00$ 250,000.00$ 3.2.2 Additional Pay based on Academic Achievement $50,000 $50,000 $50,000 $50,000 $50,000 Total potential annual compensation under Employment Agreement 1,825,000.00$ 1,925,000.00$ 2,025,000.00$ 2,125,000.00$ 2,225,000.00$ Royalties under License Agreement with Bryan Harsin Enterprises LLC 200,004.00$ 200,004.00$ 200,004.00$ 200,004.00$ 200,004.00$ Total potential annual compensation 2,025,004.00$ 2,125,004.00$ 2,225,004.00$ 2,325,004.00$ 2,425,004.00$ BAHR - SECTION I TAB 1 Page 64 ATTACHMENT 6 MW Football Salaries (from Fall 2016 USA Today Survey) Institution Salary Colorado State 1,450,000$ Fresno State * 1,548,480$ Boise State 1,300,004$ Air Force 885,000$ UNLV 510,000$ Wyoming 909,000$ San Diego State 810,632$

Examples of Team in a sentence

If you have any doubt as to the appropriateness of any activity, believe that you have violated the Code, or become aware of a violation of the Code by another individual, you should consult the manager of the Code of Ethics Team, Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, or Chair of the Ethics Committee.
General questions regarding our Code of Ethics may be directed to the Code of Ethics Team via email at #Code of Ethics Team or through the Code of Ethics hotline, 617-790-8330 (x68330).
The iTrade system automatically sends any request for prior transaction approval that requires manual intervention to the TRP International Compliance Team.
Any Access Person who has received prior transaction clearance to invest and does invest in a private placement of securities and who, at a later date, anticipates participating in the firm's investment decision process regarding the purchase or sale of securities of the issuer of that private placement on behalf of any client, must immediately disclose his or her prior investment in the private placement to the TRP International Compliance Team.
Rowe Price International Compliance Team will contact the London Dealing Desk to confirm that no client order has been received since the initial prior transaction approval was given.

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Team means the Atlanta Falcons. 5

Team means any employee, officer, director, owner or consultant of RPC, including Russell, Steven Russell and William Proctor.

Team means MFP Baseball, LLC.

Team means the workforce investment interagency collaborative team.