Definition of Team Leaders

  1. Team Leaders means a group of six (6) to eight (8) managers of the Company, each of whom leads a team of six (6) to eight (8) persons on the floor, and each of whose selection has been approved by the Buyer. If any Team Leader terminates his membership in the team, the remaining Team Leaders shall select a new Team Leader, subject to the approval of the Buyer.

Examples of Team Leaders in a sentence

  1. The Transition Teams shall escalate any Dispute to the Team Leaders for resolution.
  2. With respect to bonus years beginning prior to an initial public offering of Company's common stock (an "IPO"), Executive shall be eligible for a discretionary "Annual Bonus" in accordance with Company's annual incentive plan for Senior Team Leaders (the "SLT Bonus Plan") as in effect on the Effective Date (including in accordance with established EBITDA targets) at a target rate of 40% of his/her Base Salary.