Provider Personnel definition

Provider Personnel means all individuals involved in the performance of Services as employees, agents, or independent contractors of Provider or any Subcontractor.
Provider Personnel means employees, representatives, contractors, Subcontractors, and agents of Provider and its Subcontractors.
Provider Personnel means all employees, agents, consultants and contractors of the Provider and/or of any sub-contractors;

Examples of Provider Personnel in a sentence

The Service Provider’s Personnel shall be regarded at all times as employees, agents or Subcontractors of the Service Provider and no relationship of employer and employee shall arise between Transnet and any Service Provider Personnel under any circumstances regardless of the degree of supervision that may be exercised over the Personnel by Transnet.

Customer hereby irrevocably grants all such rights and permissions in or relating to Customer Data as are necessary or useful to Provider, its independent contractors, and the Provider Personnel for any research purpose whatsoever, including publication in scientific journals, to enforce this Agreement, and to exercise Provider's, and the Provider Personnel's rights and perform Provider's, and the Provider Personnel's obligations hereunder.

Transnet reserves the right to refuse to admit or to remove from any premises occupied by or on behalf of it, any Service Provider Personnel whose admission or presence would, in the reasonable opinion of Transnet, be undesirable or who represents a threat to confidentiality or security or whose presence would be in breach of any rules and regulations governing Transnet's Personnel, provided that Transnet notifies the Service Provider of any such refusal [with reasons why].

Customer shall not, and shall not permit any Authorized User or other Person to, provide any Prohibited Data to, or Process any Prohibited Data through, the Services, the Provider Systems, or any Provider Personnel.

More Definitions of Provider Personnel

Provider Personnel means any individual acting, or with apparent authority to act, for or on behalf of Content Provider (e.g., administrators, contributors, instructors, etc.), including but not limited to any individual that accesses Content Provider’s Service account using Content Provider’s account credentials.
Provider Personnel means the employees and independent contractors provided or to be provided by a Provider to perform the Services under this Agreement.
Provider Personnel means the personnel used by the Provider to carry out the Services;
Provider Personnel means, with respect to any Provider, the employees, agents or other personnel of such Provider that perform work in connection with any Services.
Provider Personnel means Provider’s employees and contractors and the employees and contractors of Provider’s Affiliates, in each case who perform Services under this Agreement. For clarity, upon the employment of any Provider Personnel by any member of Recipient Group, such Persons shall no longer be deemed Provider Personnel.
Provider Personnel means all agents, sub-contractors, volunteers and persons employed or engaged by the Provider to perform the Services for the Minister and includes Specified Personnel;
Provider Personnel means all directors, officers and employees of the Provider engaged in the performance of the Provider's obligations under this Agreement.