Supervisors definition

Supervisors means employees who primarily perform supervisory functions, including the requirement to make recommendations regarding any staff or personnel matter. These staff or personnel matters include, but are not limited to, such areas as selection, promotion, appraisal, discipline, transfer, staffing needs, work methods, changes in terms and conditions of employment, grievances, or the interpretation and administration of the applicable Collective Agreement. “Supervisors” includes employees in other employee classifications who perform supervisory functions.
Supervisors organization’’ means the or- ganization recognized by the Postal Service under subsection (b) of this section as rep- resenting a majority of supervisors;

Examples of Supervisors in a sentence

  • A discretionary grading permit shall become operative on the 15th calendar day after its issuance or, in the case of an appeal, on the date the Board of Supervisors issues its decision upholding or ordering issuance.

  • If the protest has not been resolved, the Bidder will have an opportunity to address the Board of Supervisors stating their concerns.

  • A protest shall be disallowed when, in the judgment of the County Executive Officer, or his/her designee, or County Board of Supervisors, it has been submitted: (1) as a delay tactic; (2) for the purpose of posturing the protester advantageously for future procurement; (3) in a form that deviates from the one prescribed; (4) without adequate factual basis or merit; or (5) in an untimely manner.

  • The decision of the Merced County Board of Supervisors constitutes the final step of the Bidder’s administrative remedy.

  • On November 17, 2020, the Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance No. 2020-28, an urgency interim ordinance that established a moratorium on the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp.

More Definitions of Supervisors

Supervisors means a board of supervisors of a conservation district, the directors of a grass conservation district, or the board of county commissioners where a proposed project is not within a district.
Supervisors means the board of supervisors, or governing body, of a zone.
Supervisors means the Initial Supervisors and any other person appointed to act as a supervisor in accordance with the terms of the CVA for the purpose of fulfilling the function referred to in the CVA appointed pursuant to section 7(2) of the Insolvency Act;
Supervisors means the supervisor(s) of the Company
Supervisors organization" means the organization recognized by the Postal Service under subsection (b) of this section as representing a majority of supervisors;
Supervisors means the person or persons duly authorised by the Owner to act as its representative or representatives for construction supervision in conformity with the stipulations of Article 6 hereof.