Conservation district definition

Conservation district means the same as that term is defined in Section 17D-3-102.
Conservation district means a conservation district authorized under part 93.
Conservation district means a conservation district organized under part 93 of the natural resources and environmental protection act, 1994 PA 451, MCL 324.9301 to 324.9313.

Examples of Conservation district in a sentence

  • The Grantors, their heirs, successors, or assigns, shall conduct agricultural operations on the Protected Property in a manner consistent with the Agricultural Land Easement Plan (the “ALE Plan”) prepared by Grantee in consultation with Grantor and, as needed, NRCS and approved by the Soil and Water Conservation district.

  • For the purposes of Chapter 96: Noise Control, the Neighborhood Conservation district is a residential zone.(B) Uses.

  • Conservation district means any district or unit of State, Tribal, or local government formed under State, Tribal, or territorial law for the express purpose of developing and carrying out a local soil and water conservation program.

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consist of automated applications; telecommunications; data processing resources and services; member and community educational programming which uses GIS; the support elements such as funding, personnel, facilities, contracts, training and related services; tabular data and information associated with geographic land based issues.

  • The Wetlands Conservation district is an overlay district which is established to protect surface and groundwater resources, wildlife habitats and to preserve natural drainage patterns and flood water storage areas.

More Definitions of Conservation district

Conservation district means a limited purpose local government entity, as described in Section 17D-3-103, that operates under, is subject to, and has the powers set forth in this chapter.
Conservation district means any district or unit of State or local gov- ernment developed under State law for the express purpose of developing and carrying out a local soil and water con- servation program. Such district or unit of government may be referred to as a conservation district, soil and water conservation district, natural re- source district, conservation com- mittee, or similar name.
Conservation district means a multi-county water conservation
Conservation district means a subdivision of state government organized under chapter 89.08 RCW.
Conservation district means those lands within the various counties of the State and state marine waters bounded by the conservation district line, as established under provisions of Act 187, Session Laws of Hawaii, 1961, and Act 205, Session Laws of Hawaii 1963, or future amendments thereto.
Conservation district means a multi-county water conservation district established under title 48, chapter 22.
Conservation district means that term as it is defined in section 9301.