Specialized Equipment definition

Specialized Equipment means items of apparel and equipment, approved by the United States Olympic Committee (USOPC) used by an athlete in the course of participation in a competition, which have a material effect on the performance of the athlete due to the specialized characteristics of the item.
Specialized Equipment means equipment that supports library operations that is not otherwise defined in this Lease, including, but not limited to, book security gates, self-check machines, remote lockers, self-service library access system (e.g., Open+) and any automated material handling equipment used at the Library.
Specialized Equipment. It is not practical for the Mill to have all the specialized equipment which is required from time to time, but when deemed practical by the contracting out committee and approved by management the equipment will be purchased or rented in order that mill crews can perform the work. Resolution Process: In the event that the Contracting Out Committee cannot resolve an issue, the Union President and Mill Manager will meet to discuss and resolve an issue. If they are not able to come to a conclusion the issue will be referred to Step IV of the grievance procedure. This process can be immediately cancelled by either party. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Letter of UnderstandingCode of Ethics February 22, 1995 This is to confirm the agreement between the Company and your respective unions respecting the conditions that would apply to contractors coming onto the mill site to perform construction work or perform maintenance and repair work of a nature normally performed by employees in the bargaining unit. This agreement will prevail for the duration of the Collective Agreement. In entering into this agreement, the Union acknowledges that, subject to contracting Article XXV and the Company retains the right to select contractors as it deems appropriate. No aspect of this policy applies to contractors which are certified to Unions recognized by the Local Union, it being clearly understood that a union’s affiliation to The Canadian Labour Congress, the B.C. Federation of Labour or the confederation of Canadian Unions warrants such recognition. Any other contractor who comes onto the mill site to perform construction work or perform maintenance and repair work which is of a nature normally performed by employees in the bargaining unit shall abide by the following Code of Ethics. This code defines the terms and conditions under which these contractors and their employees will be governed during the term of their contract.

Examples of Specialized Equipment in a sentence

  • IT Department: Network Engineer, Administrative Support Specialist, Network Support Specialist, Hardware/Software Specialist, Specialized Equipment Specialist, Hardware Technician, Lan/Wan Specialist, Client Support Coordinator, Client Support Facilitator, Curriculum Software Specialist, Support Specialist, System Engineer and Client Services Technician.

  • The current members in the following job titles "Hardware Software Technician, Specialized Equipment Specialist and Lan/Wan Specialist" will have their job title changed to "Client Service Technician".

  • The City is responsible for the actual cost of obtaining and maintaining any Specialized Equipment.

  • The City acknowledges that it is responsible for the actual cost of the Specialized Equipment, even if it varies from the estimate through no fault of the County’s.

  • Program Work often includes pole or material replacement work within a defined Service Area, • Specialized Equipment - Equipment not typically used in the performance of electric line distribution work either on the Highway or Off-Road.

More Definitions of Specialized Equipment

Specialized Equipment means machinery and equipment which is necessary for a business to provide its unique services or produce its unique goods. Standard office equipment and software are not considered specialized equipment.
Specialized Equipment means Equipment which is not, and is not intended to be, affixed to or a component of any of the various Improvements or Land subject to the Operative Agreements.
Specialized Equipment means equipment which is necessary to compete at a biathlon or cross- country skiing (if supported by Biathlon Australia at the event) including but not limited to XC skis, XC poles, footwear, rifle and associated equipment, specialized clothing for competitions, training and warming up.
Specialized Equipment means any equipment, other than a Vehicle, that satisfies the criteria in section 2.5 of this Commercial Vehicles Permit Agreement;
Specialized Equipment. Leased time on outside computers will be charged to the Client on a multiple of
Specialized Equipment means the trailers identified on Exhibit D.
Specialized Equipment means any available specialized equipment at a fitness establishment for specific tasks, amongst others.