Under Development definition

Under Development means any Real Estate or phase of a development shall be considered under development until such time as (i) certificates of occupancy permitting occupancy have been obtained for all tenants open for business and in any event for not less than fifty percent (50%) of the gross leasable area of such development or phase (excluding outlots) (it being agreed that the Company shall receive a credit against such occupancy requirement for any space to be occupied by an anchor that has been conveyed to such anchor) and (ii) the gross income from the operation of such Real Estate or phase on an accrual basis shall have equaled or exceeded operating costs on an accrual basis for three (3) months.
Under Development or similar statuses means that we have taken steps and invested money to develop a facility, including procuring land rights and entitlements, negotiating or signing construction contracts, and undertaking active engineering, procurement and construction work. Our development projects are in various phases of progress, and there can be no assurance that we will continue progress on each development as we expect. If we are unable to enter into favorable contracts or to obtain the necessary regulatory and land use approvals on favorable terms, we may not be able to construct and operate these assets as expected, or at all. Additionally, the construction of facilities is inherently subject to the risks of cost overruns and delays.
Under Development has the meaning specified in Section 10.1(a). ----------------- ---------------

Examples of Under Development in a sentence

  • Properties Under Development are recorded at cost and are adjusted to fair value at each balance sheet date with the fair value adjustment recognized in earnings.

  • Properties Under Development, Cost of Sales and Completed Properties Held for Sale Properties under development are intended to be held for sale after completion.

  • Other Indirect Expenses incurred relating to project, net of income earned during the project development stage prior to its intended use, are considered as pre-operative expenses and disclosed under Intangible Assets Under Development.

  • The process varies between SDOs but some of the common stages include: Draft Under Development.

  • The gain or loss arising on translation of non-monetary items measured at fair value is treated in line with the recognition of the gain or loss on the change in fair value of the item (i.e. translation differences on items whose fair value gain or loss is recognised as pre-operative expenses and disclosed under Intangible Assets Under Development).

More Definitions of Under Development

Under Development means all Land Held for Development with respect to which the Borrower or any Subsidiary Guarantor has obtained all necessary approvals for its subdivision for residential housing units (including condominium units), and which the Borrower or any Subsidiary Guarantor is actively developing into Finished Lots; provided, however, that the termLots Under Development” shall not include any land upon which the construction of a residential housing unit has commenced.Obligor Concentration Limit At any time, in relation to the aggregate Outstanding Balance of Receivables owed by any single Obligor and its Affiliates (if any), the applicable concentration limit for Obligors who have short term unsecured debt ratings currently assigned to them by S&P and Xxxxx'x (or in the absence thereof, the equivalent long term unsecured senior debt ratings), shall be determined according to the following table:
Under Development means that a policy or process:
Under Development appearing in Section 1.1 of the Credit Agreement, and inserting in lieu thereof the following:
Under Development. For purposes of this Section 5.03, the phrase "being developed" by an entity means, with respect to a product, that such entity is actively engaged in the development of the product (as reflected in such entity's laboratory notebooks, product development plans and reports, and other documents and records), either alone or in conjunction with a third party, pursuant to existing functional specifications (which need not be detailed technical specifications) and a development schedule or timeline.
Under Development by a Party shall mean, with ----------------- respect to a New Product, that it (1) is the subject of a funded research and development project by such Party or its Subsidiaries as of the Distribution Date; (2) is described by such Party or its Subsidiaries in a pending patent application filed by such Party or its Subsidiaries prior to the Distribution Date; (3) is described by such Party or its Subsidiaries in an invention record that satisfies the enablement requirement of 35 U.S.C. (S) 112 and which is submitted no less than three months prior to the Distribution Date; or (4) is (A) described by such Party or its Subsidiaries in an invention record that satisfies the enablement requirement of 35 U.S.C. (S) 112 and which is submitted within the three-month period prior to the Distribution Date, and (B) subsequently commercialized by such Party or its Subsidiaries. The license granted pursuant to this Section 10.1(a) shall not include any rights to the --------------- Transferred Intellectual Property related to (w) the Duraflo treatment and other biocompatible coatings developed by the Edwards Business which shall be the subject of a separate supply agreement; (x) Edwards' laser technology including the laser technology utilized in Edwards' Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization program; (y) the continuous renal replacement therapy business; and (z) Edwards' angiogenesis technology including VEGF-B protein, targeting peptides and zinc finger DNA binding proteins and genes. Any Transferred Intellectual Property actually licensed pursuant to this Section ------- 10.1(a) shall be deemed to be "Licensed Edwards Intellectual Property." ------- --------------------------------------
Under Development means that they are at early stage
Under Development means that: (i) a site for the Microtel Hotel has been acquired by purchase or otherwise by the New Franchisee; (ii) the New Franchisee has executed a New Franchise Agreement; and (iii) the New Franchisee has commenced construction of the hotel by breaking ground. For purposes of this Section 1.9, the term New Franchisee may include Newco or an affiliate of Newco. For the purposes of this Agreement, "Commencement Date" shall mean the earlier of: (i) the date on which Newco shall be able to offer franchises to prospective franchisees in all fifty (50) states within the United States of America, or (ii) ninety (90) days following Closing. Newco shall comply in all material respects with the Development Schedule.