Educational expenses definition

Educational expenses means the cost of allopathic or osteopathic medical education, including books, equipment, fees, materials, reasonable living expenses, supplies, and tuition.
Educational expenses means the tuition cost of an eligible student to attend a public or nonpublic school, excluding students who were placed into a nonpublic school by their school district, and in the case of a home educated student, the academic expenses not to exceed 25 percent of the average scholarship as defined in RSA 77-G:2, I(b), incurred in a child’s home schooling. Educational expenses shall not include fees or expenses related to participation in athletic programs, transportation expenses, or the cost of a parent’s time expended in the home schooling of his or her child.

Examples of Educational expenses in a sentence

  • He pleads that since he is now taking care of their son and is bearing all the other expenses including Educational expenses of their son, the maintenance amount towards the minor son may be deducted and the amount may be reduced.

  • Educational expenses, which include various school aids but exclude expenses of the University of Wisconsin System, make up 23.6 percent of total expenses.

More Definitions of Educational expenses

Educational expenses means all or part of the principal and interest of an educational loan which has been taken out by an individual and which meets the following criteria:
Educational expenses. ’ means expenses that
Educational expenses. ’ means expenses that are directly attributable to
Educational expenses means expenses incurred by an Eligible Employee in taking an Educational Course, including, but not limited to, tuition, fees and similar payments.Educational Expenses shall not include the costs of books, tools or supplies, or the costs of meals, lodging or transportation incurred by an Eligible Employee.