Substantial rehabilitation definition

Substantial rehabilitation means, with respect to the SAIL Program, to bring a Development back to its original state with added improvements, where the value of such repairs or improvements (excluding the costs of acquiring or moving a structure) exceeds 40 percent of the appraised as is value (excluding land) of such Development before repair and less than 50 percent of the proposed construction work consists of new construction. For purposes of this definition, the value of the repairs or improvements means the Development Cost. To be considered “Substantial Rehabilitation,” there must be at least the foundations remaining from the previous structures, suitable to support the proposed construction.
Substantial rehabilitation means qualified rehabilitation costs that meet or exceed the following:
Substantial rehabilitation means a Housing Development with reasonable direct rehabilitation construction contract costs of at least $35,000 per residential unit.

Examples of Substantial rehabilitation in a sentence

  • Substantial rehabilitation projects that are changing the building’s use to residential but do not fit the above description of a blighted building do not qualify for points under this category.

  • Substantial rehabilitation projects in neighborhoods targeted by the city for revitalization.

  • Substantial rehabilitation as described in Subparagraph (D) shall be evidenced by Section 10326(g)(7) of these Regulations.

  • Substantial rehabilitation and/or new construction of new housing units for homeless and special needs populations (as defined in the Consolidated Plan), in conjunction with supportive services.

  • Substantial rehabilitation does not mean normal theater maintenance, painting or improvements to mechanical systems alone.

More Definitions of Substantial rehabilitation

Substantial rehabilitation means rehabilitation or reconstruction costs of a certified
Substantial rehabilitation means, with respect to a certified historic structure, that
Substantial rehabilitation means rehabilitation of a certified structure for which the
Substantial rehabilitation means a Housing Development with reasonable rehabilitation construction contract costs of at least $35,000 per residential unit. Rehabilitation projects must fully and efficiently address all of the physical needs of the Project for the term of the project loan and therefore merely meeting the minimum threshold cost amount of $35,000 per residential unit may not, in and of itself, be sufficient to be considered Substantial Rehabilitation for purposes of the project loan.
Substantial rehabilitation means interior or
Substantial rehabilitation means that the qualified
Substantial rehabilitation means extensive structural repair or extensive remodeling and requires a building, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical permit for the tenant’s dwelling unit at issue. Any “substantial rehabilitation” as provided herein requires displacement of a tenant.