Rehabilitation Plan definition

Rehabilitation Plan means a written plan designed to enable the Employee to return to work. The Rehabilitation Plan will consist of one or more of the following phases:
Rehabilitation Plan means a plan for the rehabilitation of an historic resource that meets the federal secretary of the interior's standards for rehabilitation and guidelines for rehabilitation of historic buildings under 36 CFR part 67.

Examples of Rehabilitation Plan in a sentence

  • Such cooperation includes, but is not limited to, providing any information or documents needed to determine whether benefits are payable or the actual benefit amount due.Benefits may be resumed if you begin to cooperate fully in the Rehabilitation Plan within 30 days of the date benefits terminated.TL-007502.00 WHAT IS NOT COVERED We will not pay any Disability Benefits for a Disability that results, directly or indirectly, from:1.

  • Trust Fund has been certified by its actuary to be in critical status as of July 1, 2010, under Code Section 432(b) and ERISA Section 305(b) and consequently the Board of Trustees has provided the collective bargaining parties with its Rehabilitation Plan dated November 10, 2010 and an addendum thereto adopted on March 4, 2011, including schedules that contain benefit reductions and increases in contribution rates as required by Code Section 432(e) and ERISA Section 305(e).

  • Rehabilitation Plan means a written plan, program or course of medical treatment or vocational training or education that is intended to prepare you to return to work full time.

  • BIW and the Union agree, at the request of either party, to promptly meet mid-term to negotiate, in good faith, any modification of this agreement under a Funding Improvement Plan or Rehabilitation Plan recommended by the Plan Trustees as necessitated under the PPA.

  • Interest expenses for the second quarter of 2007 and 2006 were amounted to Baht 97 million and Baht 135 million, respectively, which was lower due to debt to equity conversion in accordance with amendments to the Business Rehabilitation Plan.

More Definitions of Rehabilitation Plan

Rehabilitation Plan means the plan of rehabilitation with respect to the Segregated Account, as confirmed by the Rehabilitation Court on January 24, 2011, as it may be amended, modified, or supplemented.
Rehabilitation Plan means a plan that identifies measures and steps needed to restore disturbed areas resulting from surface or underground mining to an appropriate future use. This plan may be required by the County when DNR does not require a reclamation plan.
Rehabilitation Plan means an individualised rehabilitation programme to facilitate the early and safe return of the staff member to the same or equivalent duties as those previously performed on a long-term basis.
Rehabilitation Plan means a plan as described in section 15.