Rehabilitative services definition

Rehabilitative services means specialized services by a therapist or a therapist assistant to a resident to attain optimal functioning including but not limited to physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and audiology.
Rehabilitative services means those services provided to a child to assist the child to reacquire and maintain those life skills that may have been lost due to abuse, neglect, dependency or delinquency that enable the child to cope more effectively with the child's personal needs and with the child's environment and in raising the level of the child's physical, mental, social, and vocational efficiency. Rehabilitative services may include, but are not limited to, case management, social skills training, activities of daily living, vocational training, medical services, counseling, psychosocial interventions, social psychotherapy, crisis services, treatment planning, and independent living skills training provided for a child in foster care or the child's family. Rehabilitative services also include any diagnostic assessment conducted to determine the services the child or the child's family need.
Rehabilitative services means the planned interven- tions and procedures which constitute a continuing and com- prehensive effort to restore an individual to the individual's former functional and environmental status, or alternatively, to maintain or maximize remaining function.

Examples of Rehabilitative services in a sentence

  • Rehabilitative services help a person keep, get back, or improve skills and functioning for daily living that have been lost or impaired because a person was sick, hurt of disabled.

  • Rehabilitative services for the maimed victims are still lucking as there is no orthopaedic workshop in Karamoja region.

  • Rehabilitative services, such as occupational and physical therapies, speech therapy, and recreational activities are provided under the direct supervision of licensed therapists.

  • Rehabilitative services are designed with the presumption that people with disabilities can function more normally in the world around them if attention is paid to plugging the gaps that are created by the impact of a disability.

More Definitions of Rehabilitative services

Rehabilitative services means services to encourage and assist restoration of optimum mental and physical capabilities of the individual resident of a health care facility.
Rehabilitative services means any medical or remedial services recommended by a physician which may reduce physical or mental disability and which may improve functional level.
Rehabilitative services means activities that are ordered by a physician or other qualified health care professional that are provided by a rehabilitative therapist (e.g., physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech-language pathologist). These activities may be necessary when a resident has demonstrated a change in his capabilities and are provided to restore or improve his level of functioning.
Rehabilitative services means services to encourage and assist restoration of a resident’s optimum mental and physical capabilities.
Rehabilitative services means including, but not limited to, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Treatment as determined by your Physician, that must be either (a) limited to therapy which is expected to result in significant improvement in the condition for which it is rendered, except as specifically provided for under the Autism Spectrum Disorder(s) provision and the plan must be established before treatment is begun and must relate to the type, amount, frequency and duration of the therapy and indicate the diagnosis and anticipated goals, or (b) prescribed as preventive or maintenance Physical Therapy for members affected by multiple sclerosis. “Rehabilitative Services” must be expected to help a person regain, maintain or prevent deterioration of a skill or function that has been acquired but then lost or impaired due to illness, injury or disabling condition.
Rehabilitative services means acute short-term therapies that can only be provided by a qualified professional. The therapies are used to treat functional deficiencies that are the result of injury or disease. Short-term therapies are services that result in measurable and meaningful functional improvements within sixty (60) days. The services must be • consistent with the nature and severity of illness; • be considered safe and effective for the patient’s condition; • be used to restore function. The rehabilitative services must be provided as part of a defined treatment plan for an acute illness, injury, or an acute exacerbation of a chronic illness with significant potential for functional recovery.
Rehabilitative services means face-to-face individual or group services provided by qualified staff to develop skills necessary to perform activities of daily living and successful integration into community life.