Education program definition

Education program means a course(s) necessary to qualify an individual, after successful completion, to teach a concurrent course(s) that result(s) in the award of college credits by an accredited post-secondary institution.
Education program means a program, including, but not limited to, an energy audit, that contributes indirectly to a cost-effective demand-side management program. Education programs shall not be subject to independent cost-effectiveness requirements.

Examples of Education program in a sentence

  • Arranging for team teaching or other flexible scheduling of students within the Special Education program at the site.

  • Successful implementation of landmine education has been accomplished by UNICEF’s Mine Risk Education program and by various NGOs.102 The case study of the Save the Children Landmine Education Project provides delegates with both a success story in the area of promoting and implementing landmine education and several ideas for further work in this area.

  • The May Revision, if approved, would reduce our General Fund unrestricted budget by roughly 10%, which is $4.2 million (including the elimination of a planned Cost of Living Adjustment), reduces the Strong Workforce Program by 55%, reduces Student Equity and Achievement by 15%, and the Adult Education program by 10%.

  • The Secretary may decline to fund any project that is eligible for funding under a different competition of Department of Education program.

  • Yes NoIf yes, please specify and enclose any testing results or his/her Individual Education Plan (IEP) Jei taip, prašome smulkiau paaiškinti ir pridėti testavimo rezultatus ar individualų mokymo planąHas the child ever been enrolled in any type of Special Education program (e.g. gifted and talented program, learning difference/disability, speech therapy or had a resource room teacher)?Ar vaikas lankė kokią nors specialaus ugdymo programą (pvz.

More Definitions of Education program

Education program means a formal course of study or a certificate program in a training and education facility, agency or institution operating under Chapters 239 Part II, 240 Parts II and III or 246, Florida Statutes, or a career education program defined in Chapter 228.041(22)(c), Florida Statutes (1997), which states: “At the post secondary education level, courses of study that provide vocational competencies needed for entry into specific occupations or for advancement within an occupation.” Outside of the State of Florida, an education program shall be approved as governed by comparable statutes of that state.
Education program means the environment, activities, and services provided to the children.
Education program means the environment, activities, and services provided to the children. 5 CCR 18270.5 (e)
Education program means informational and educational training sessions designed to acquaint landowners and operators with the best management practices and general information to assist in the operation of their irrigation and cropping system.
Education program means an education program provided by a school district, a public charter school, an education service district, a longer term care and treatment facility as described in ORS 343.961, the Youth Corrections Education Program, and the Oregon School for the Deaf.
Education program means a program of instruction administered by a state agency
Education program means a program approved or accredited by any of the following: